Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Destination Unknown

Shizer, this week it officially began, The dissertation.

So far I'm at the bottom of the mountain with no rope.
Thus i am seeing a big steep arduous climb ahead of me.
From looking over some sites today Ive seen that my topic is relevant, but I'm just in the phase of plotting the course of action, the monkey don't want to climb the mountain if there is a cable car he can ride in...

So i got my topic, from reading some forums, there are allot of angry graduates out there. Grads that are pissed off, due to no employment with their degrees.

In the process of writing this, i hope to become fully aware of the state of graduate employment and develop the skills. so that i don't go blindly in to the recruitment phase and am more prepared with skills and ability's than most.

The employers are looking for communication skills, Grads are finishing their degrees with lots of theory but no experience of putting it in to practice. This is making them unemployable and unhappy.

I want to understand this situation and make recommendations based on my research.

Though its gonna be a challenge, my proposal is going in, in a few days to be scrutinised, so should be fun.

Will write more posts as well as keeping a personal log of the whole experience.

laters .

Monday, 4 June 2007



to find out about the sleep naps if you read about this in the book the game about neil strause , im gona give it a read.
Did this sleep pattern for a week , couldnt get in to it, found that i was wasting more time trying to stay awake than actually enjoying the extra few hours of wakefullnes


Blogs about my house

Love to blog its the best, i will blog all day and its gona be amazing.
When im a professional i will be able to advertise myself on the blog
Can somone tell me how to make money on this or get more stuff, i will work for free if the event is right.

Looking for a new housemates need to get a new housemate not looking for anything in particular can you get in contact with me if you are looking for a house and you can look around soon as. i need to move in as soon as possible.

House Hunting

Gona look at a student house today, get ma new digs sorted out . see what it looks like . t


What the f.....

I got a new computer i spent allot of money on it , for games and fast speed.

It looked nice as i took it out the box and set it up. Cool my life is going to be faster and smoother , i will be able to do allot more from my desk. Nope how wrong , its a big waste of my life.

My back is aching from being hunched over this computer searching the web for codes and solutions . i dont give a fuck about computer but the last 16 hours i have had to read forum after forum of technology and geek sites , i now have missed a nice weekend looking at loading bars and formatting. and disk read error/ mate . ooooh jeeeeesus# This is not good the game dont work they crash and i have to put them on the lowest seting so it looks like stick men instead of the graphics on the box.

....Im Gona sort this out ....

Blogging today its a first havent quite worked out what my style is going to be.... or what its for, any one who reads this if they got the disk read error on their computer and know how to sort it out then give me a message.

laters its 3 in the morning my other computer is on 53% so ive got another hour , dont think its gona be fixed ....could i throw £400 computer away ..... its possible, should have got the xbox insted ....