Saturday, 12 April 2008

Key Word Ideas For WiseMonkey

So writing and reading up on the web how to get this site noticed, came across the idea of generating keywords, so i haven't fully began to write blogs for this site yet, This will be a list of ideas which i am currently planning or thinking of putting in to the blog.

Any additional comments or ideas would be fun to hear about.

So, general ideas that crop up through out my life and day, some interesting articles and topics, an online store of links and information that i have looked at and don't want to forget.
Ideas and thoughts on food, health and religion and other topics. I am not media friendly i don't watch TV, so i may be abstract with the choice of topics as i am hardly aware of what mainstream society is watching. Music and Money or even nothing. The blog may just be about nothing.

In writing this though , what am i going to choose as a subject. I study business, that's my qualification, though it isn't the subject i feel suitable to write on. This opens up new questions about how i want to portray the wisemokey ideas.

So even though this blog hasn't said anything in particular, the questions i now have are what to really focus on, my having nothing to say is really saying something. Maybe to bewisemonkey i need to watch more television or speak about more current events!! Laff Laff possibly not, small talk can now be reduced down to those two terms.

With the mass explosion of information experts still see the amount of knowledge yet to learn and then sit humbled as there preconceived concepts drown in the pool of possible counter arguments, and so sit dumbfounded under layers of contradicting beliefs , there is confusion in choice.

Same is said for this blog the choice of themes will set the tone, for choosing ideas i have the book of English words and the combinations in how i use these words, the dictionary could spell out all the mysteries of the universe.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Cool no!! Coooold dd dd Showers

Cold showers, one little test of true grit is the ability to stand under a torrent of chilly H2o.

Though they are seen as a punishment by many, some people swear by them.
Just when you thought the mornings couldnt get any more fun i suggest the cold shower treatment.
Please do try !! There are many health benifits and when you get to work after screaming under the shower, all you can do is smile, as the rest of the days worrys seem to bubble over you like a warm jacuzzi.
1 Cold Showers Are fun,
2 Cold Showes are good for health
3 Cold showers test your will power!!
4 Cold showers make you feel warm!
5 They are good for skin and hair

Be Wise Monkey is about keeping life similar to nature, in nature animals use the cold water. too much comfort and warm water needs to be contrased with some good old Cold Shower Treatment.

This one, do it once today and then post back!!

This is a place where people talk about their cold showers!

Enjoy !!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The University of Memory

So ive pretty much finished my degree, i spent an extra two years here and still it seems to have gone by so fast.

The thing i want to talk about is Visualisation and memory. It would be easy to go about my day and forget everything that i have learnt and done. By being caught up in the fast pace of day to day life, i should stop once and a while and think of the books i have read and the lessons i have learnt.

Memory is mearly a Visualisation exercise, revision of what i have done, i was highly motivated with good reasons to study the material while i was there. Now that the time has past, its a good idea to put myself back in that lecture hall and remember what was being taught and why i worked so hard.

Life is all but a passing thought, tune in to the lessons.
Then i think, if this is how i recollect everything that i have learnt, then surly i can add in to those memories extra details.

If i only need to think to rember what i have learnt, was it really worth the money?, could a few days of deep meditaion achieve the same results/foundations on whice to work from.

I leave it over to you to leave a comment and think about when you were learning.
Which Books did i study and learn from. Some of the best advice and ideas im going to store my blogg.