Friday, 23 May 2008

Six Pack Month

Six Pack Month, Abs In 30 Days

This is a new little goal to work on for the next 30 days, Ive always wanted six pack of abs and a strong core with definition and real Strenght.

I don't want a "Poser Pack"

Real six pack with pure core strength in the next 30 days from now. After the 30 days, i want to have learnt enough to have a routine i can maintain.

Steps to my Core

1 Motivation,
Tell people about the six pack challenge. Read article's, look at pictures and watch Youtube videos. Get inspired. Take progress photos and keep the blogg updated.

2 Eat good,
More raw vegan meals for the energy too work hard and not put on the pounds.

3 Move more,
I dont do jogging so will do jogging on spot and dancing about doing various styles of walking, "Monkey Stance" included in the movement is core movements and tensions through out the day. I have a ab wheel so will roll outs on that.

4 Water and cold
Showers, back in the cool water to tone and tense the muscles. I found after a good cold shower, can tense the abs and muscles hard and for longer periods of time.

5 Some additional notes to self,
Stomach vacuums and pull ins. No take aways or poor nutrition.Breathing deeply as well, stomach rolls.

Ive always been very close to the six pack of abs but always just been that little bit of effort away, if i push it with force on all levels 30 days should see some good results.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Quick Notes On Blog 2 Self

Things to take care of

how to make a picture link

do i need a host for my pictures on here
content and more affiliates ideas
check my articles with ezines, see if my content is good enough
write some more content for other content affiliates
how to change the link name
and how to html
also sign up with ezines
get in with the ebook seller and market in forums, with some good pre-sold targets
directory's and making good quality picture links
write another article and make a auto responder

if you are reading this as a wonderer who has stumbled here, enjoy the site !! I'm selling good products and having some good fun with it

hope ezine and people want to go ahead with some products the site is about me having some fun and there just happens to be the odd link here or there.

learnt to look at sites and see past the media hype , study the web as it is a world that can be understood

don't just want to push mps3 and audio
will see about that book as well . topic of the week is abuse and naughty hands!!

review and update my blogs and fonts sizes and quality. answer any emails perhaps sell the ebook through ebay. reviews of products , perhaps. do full spell check.

sort out my URL problems as they are causing the wise monkey to be a stupid monkey. change names on affiliate links to fix my name out of the equation?

morning shift on this blog before work , ezine only seemed to push forward on some cases a few thousand views, if all 2000 purchased then 50,000 but this is not going to happen

Porn Addiction

Porn Habit Or Addiction, Needing Porn

Porn or Pornographic material is as an addictive substance as crack, research shows the same areas of the brain are lit during viewing adult material.

This thus causes a releasing of the feel good chemicals, which over time creates the withdrawal and addictive behaviors. Porn and adult material is so easy to view there is instant gratification of this addiction.

Leading from simple viewing for pleasure to a deeper need, that often takes full control of the mind.

This then turns to a problem or an addiction, which can deplete energy, distract and pull the mind away from work.

You were typing on a report but your hands go for a wonder!

Fully needing porn everyday can for some people be something that is kept a secret behind locked doors and closed curtains, wasted energy and the feelings of guilt after the moment of release is over.

Addicts often get the voice that justifies the actions “This is last time!” followed by the regret and denial of the voice after justifying the action by saying “Ah that was a good, last time it won’t happen again!!”

These actions are in some cultures unhealthy, being in more control of yourself and your urges to make a mess at your computer instead of working are making employees lose their jobs and ruining healthy relationships.

As children grow up with the same level of access to this material, now is more a time than ever to view, read and listen to good advice about the addictive behaviors associated with adult movies.

If you think porn is not a choice there are programs and advice available for you to build the tools and understanding to control yourself and overcome Pornography Addictions.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

remove tension and dischage negative emotions feeling instantly . how to remove the feeling of stress in an instant.

1 second stress relief , that can be applyed over and over. 1 secon cure for stress, destress and discharge negative emotions in an instant, with a word or an action. or thought.

Dating and Romance

20 Ideas to think about Dating and Romance
After reading books on the "Game and Dating" some ideas taken from Neil Strause and others , to improve your skill set with women. Practical Ideas to work on this area.
1 Look at girls, be able to look at girls and hold eye contact be able to see them for who they are and pick up on subtle details.
2 Have something to say, read newspapers, magazines listen to the radio watch movies and see what is happening all around you. there is stuff to talk about every where you go, think of some good conversations you would like to have with a girl.
3 Have topics ready, have 10+ ideas ready before you go out, this will give you some fun ideas of what to talk about. Look around the web for fun topics.
4 Learn to talk dirty, be able to describe details and subtle ques in your conversation, be able to have rich details in what you say. practice describing things that you taste, feel and see.
5 Get used to girls, half the world is populated by girls , there is no shortage of men or women. It is not hard to find nice people and new friends or lovers they are all around you. Get used to the idea that women are every where go to the most random place and you will still find a good supply of people.
6 Learn to treat your self good, buy yourself nice clothes eat good food and take care of your self. start exercising or jogging.
7 Read good books, read from others who have gone before like the famous gurus who have spent years learning and developing their skills with women. Read from the best minds all over the world.
8 Daydream what you want, think about being with girls and daydream having fun with girls or the things you would like to do. Get used to the idea in your mind .
9 What do girls like, in guys you can watch videos on youtube and leave comments or talk to your friends.
10 Travel, get out of your house get out of your town, go some where new, travel to a new city or go on holiday. look around outside of your current zone.
11 Have fun listen to what girls are saying and if you think they are funny you can laugh at their jokes, learn to be able to joke , laugh be serious and sociable with girls.
12 Don't go it alone, find out if your friends have any girls you can meet, or start to ask your mates out more. be more social and you will meet some one.
13 Be honest, stop lying to people and girls. just talk from the heart and don't lie. If you are lying to the girl then she will reject you because she will think you are talking BS to her.
14 Get used to different emotions and situations, be able to move from place to place and different groups of people and situations. learn to move around bars and clubs. don't just be in one place all the time. learn to see who is borde or having fun etc.
15 Get on the phone or net, talk to girls on the net on your facebook or myspace send videos and little messages , keep in touch.
16 Don't get wasted, go out and have a good time but don't binge drink.
17 Rejection, some girls don't want you. some girls do!! You may look like an idiot and be laughed at and every one point at you and tell jokes.
18 Be comfortable, often the best advice would still not work due to internal issues, learn to understand yourself and what you are doing. build up a strong relationship with yourself. learn to be able to sit back and think about what you did right / wrong and what you can do next time.
19 Look after girls , treat them well and be happy with girls.
20 Have fun.

Visualisation, Mental rehearsal, Using the mind to play movies.

1. Practice, use mental imagery to practice ideas and situations. if you are coming up against blocks when you think, then these same blocks will be apparent in your every day life. you can use the mind to repeat practice sessions and just try to do a little bit better then start again. and again. if you are practicing a speech mentally rehearse then if you come up to a block just start again and add a few extra words or sentences until you come up to the block again. keep pushing . adding more detail and more each time. if you only increase 1% each time after 100 mental rehearsals you would have increased the skill 100%.

2. Creativity. first visualisation imagine two objects, bat and ball. next visualisation build on that picture. then next visualisation build on that picture repeat this over and over until the visualisation is completely surreal ans vivid and has many ideas and dimensions emotions and thought and color. the bat may hit the ball to the end of the universe where it explodes in to millions of planets which collide and form a new super planet filled with billions people , who also have bats and balls who then hit those back to you. there is no laws on what can be thought in the mind

3. Rehearse movement. if you are an artist or dancer or fighter rehearse the punches and swings of your arms, rehearse ways of kissing your partner.

4 Relive childhood memories, go back to old memories and talk with people who you used to know, if someone died go back to a memory and talk to them and hug them. these memories and pictures are for you to use and have. spend some time daydreaming about the people and places you have been with.

5 Think about speed, think about going through all the choices you have made in your life faster and faster, think about all the moments as if you easily passed through them. or slow things down and pause them and just sit and look around that picture. just take some time to have a little laugh.

6 Visualise the best and the worst, be able to feel the contrast between the absolute worst and best think for 5 minutes about the worst things people could say, the worst thing that could ever happen. then 5 minutes about the best and most positive things that you could say and do. something about this exercise being able to have 5 minunits to cover the worst case scenario enables the 5 mins or the best case to be even better.

7 Questions , ask the mind questions and daydream the answers you will know your self much better about the different ways in which you think

8 Paper , visualise on paper, draw pictures about the future and make mind maps to allow your mind to explore the page.

Call Center Skills

Skills for call centers, Telesales and Phone operators.

To be skilled in the art of the telephone you must be able to follow some basic rules.

  1. 1 Hear the customer , but dont listen. This is important to remember as you are only doing a job and so the sound of their voice is nothing to be alarmed by.

2 Solve the problem, if it is something you can solve or sell then do that, other wise ignore everything they have to say, its not bad advice but you are in the job to do a job not talk about chit chat. other customers are waiting on hold

3 If you are selling, find out as quickly as possible if the customer wants to buy, don't waste time talking to people who are wasting your time.

4 Phone voice is very important, to practice phone voice hum and pronounciate words that are positive to your job. example "I would LOVE to buy from you!" Or do enthusiastic tones example "wow WOW woo WOO THAT'S a GREAT offer!!" or "my company offers the best service" exaggerate as much as possible while practicing make the benefits the best in the whole universe "My product is worth billions and is the best in the whole universe, you should buy this" All this may not be true but it serves as good practice for selling skills.

5 Examine the product. imagine all the different customers and uses for it think of 50-100 uses that are completely silly, by over examining every aspect of what you have to sell you will never be stuck for angles to play when the customer objectifies.

6 Objections, selling is about people saying three words YES, NO and MAYBE. understand each one of these and the possible reasons for this. practice in your mind saying no to every positive reason to buy the product be the most objectionable person ever, to practice be the rudest person who would never in a million years buy the product , then try to think of ways in which you could get that person to change their mind.

7 Relaxation, Take your time with the customer, if they want to buy the product let them relax and allow them space on the phone line to think and be able to talk naturally. When first talking to customer if you have headset on, you can hear the voice in your ear try to locate a comfortable space inside their ear!! imagine you and the customer are sharing a private room together position your voice so that you are talking to them like an old friend. imagine the whole person, what do they look like, which room are they in and what mood are they currently in.