Sunday, 20 July 2008

London Marathon Training

So for next year im going to be running the london marathon , this is just over 26 miles of London road, just thought this is part of getting more cardio exersise in my life i may as well have an aim to go for.

im not going to be road joggin in preperation for this, i find jogging around the streets very depresing, for some reason as soon as you leave your house, freaks and weirdos seem to think you are public property for harasment. shouts from cars ect. which is bloody sad, so im working on this training within the confines of my own house and room which suits me fine as i have water , music and space to do more than just jog.

Ive got the stairs to up and down, which is hard work. i can drop down after 20 mins of jogging and push out 40 pressups then roll over and hit some crunches for working the core.

An average time for doing the London marathon as around 4 hours , so doing a couple of fun 2 hour sessions dancing jogging and messing around in the house per day seems like an easy way to get the miles in.

The missing part of the link is there is no distance to measure my self on, i cant say ive done 15 miles. jeesus writing that figure has just made the realisation of the distance seem all the more impressive.

distance is not the issue though im measuring my self on the ability to space out my endurance at a high enough pace over around 4 hours. example if i can do a four hours jogging/dancing messing about in my house , then a straight run for four hours should be easy.

The aim of doing a total body work out is to build total endurance to be able to hold myself in 1 piece over the four hours.

I would do swimming although i dont like the amount of clorine that is in the pool, i think it cant really be that safe to have it absorbing through my skin and breathing in the clorine/ what ever else is in the water. Would like to swim in the sea but the water in the UK does not tempt me at all.

So the running will be most days i think i will go to the gym once a week to have a distance run just to have a tangible time/distance to measure performance on. although i dont like the idea of running on a treadmill for 2 hours in one stretch. still got to fid out a decent schedule to be able to work on, i want to maintian a good cardiovascular fitness for the future anyways, but the marathon is an achievement which being part of the UK it is an iconic run. I feel in genral good health as i go in to this challenge.

Another good point of the indoor training is i am able to stop at any time i feel i have worked enough and am able to get a shower cool off and then make a green smoothie to fill myself with nutrition.

Shadow boxing will play a crucial roll in this training i want to be able to have a good solid stability and be able to use my arms to power through when i start to feel tired. Looking forward to the next couple of months see how a this works. Not going to make to many updates as i think this post covers pretty much all the areas of the training.

Nutritionaly i am mainly vegan with high amounts of raw fruit and veg. This is an area that is very close to me and i am confident that i will be supplying myself with enough nutriotion from the high amounts of greens and fruit. The raw vegan area could be a whole new post all together which i strongly believe that it will get me throught he marathon easily. there is a guy on youtube called Runningraw , this guy is very inspirational and does many runs while on the Raw vegan lifstyle. So that is my nutrition , im going to look in to coconut water for the day of the race but this will need further reading as i am unsure but i have read some good claims.

The next part of motivation as many runners are aware the London Marathon is a charity event, where many runners run for causes, i having lost an Uncle to cancer who i loved very much , i feel that it would be somthing very nobal to do for him as i am in good health. I would like to raise some money. So i would also like to do that for the memory of my Uncle.

So really that is the plan for the marathon , want to get a good time so that im not there all day running!!