Saturday, 28 February 2009

Revision Ideas for study and memory


Currently looking for a new job, and so i think now is a good time to revise what i have learnt from university and from my work experiances.

So to revise, just. Go over all the stuff you have learnt, Over learn , learn it over and over and over until you get sick then learn it some more. Go through notes and books and audio files go on youtube and watch videos, write lists and lists of key words and associated words. Draw pictures and write stories about the subject wanting to learn. Just revise it all .

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Since i have had no hot water for the past two weeks i have gone back to my old habit of taking cold showers, but this time the habit is back and with avengence and i think its gona stick as well.

My first post about cold showers

To get over the shock of the cold water shower, i thought the only reason for this shock is I'm leaving too much time between showers, so started to take 2x cold showers a day, 1 in the morning before work and 1 in the evening to unwind after work.

Getting used to Cold showers, as well as taking 2x a day also stay in the shower until the cold no longer feels cold and you start to feel the warm "Pins and Needles" feeling, this is the best part about cold showers once the initial shock is over and then this warm tingly sensation starts to happen. Your skin goes Bright red as it is flushed with fresh blood and all your muscles are activated. This cold shower feeling of freshness and new blood supply stays with you all day, your body feels rejuvenated and clean on the inside as well as on the outside.

I think the rush of blood to and from your skin to your internal organs must remove some toxins, as you feel more energetic and as if there is more easier flow around your body of energy.

I found that it also tones the skin and the muscles since taking cold showers i don't know whether it is warmer out side as i feel warmer all the time. I think that cold showers are a good challenge for the body, like going to the gym you put a stress on your muscles to get them to improve, this is a stress on your body's ability to cope with different temperatures.

Cold showers also boost hormones and growth indicators, going out of a cold shower i am able to lift allot more in the gym and also produce more testosterone. The cold shock gets deep in to the muscle tissues, and activates them. So when I'm lifting i know that i can push my muscles and body on a much harder and deeper level, as Ive felt those muscles tense deep while Ive been struggling to cope with the first few minutes of the cold water.

I would recommend using the cold shower 2x a day and stay in the shower until the cold water feels warm and tingly. When out of the shower pat dry and shake your self  "like a dog coming out of a river!!" vigorously to get the flow of warm blood back moving around your body. Then try doing some push ups or chin ups see if you can do a few more than usual.

I wont go in to specific   cold showers as these can all be found on the net, but rather than to copy and paste some journals of 20 year studies , i write my own experience first hand. These are feeling very good and the sense is profound, it goes against the norm so not many people takecold showers but i think that if your spend 2x 5-10 mins a day with this it will make you feel good.

Cold showers for shiney hair and good skin , this is also true i dont use any gels or wax as my hair is now shiney and healthy.

Cold showers do make my head hurt a bit while i wash my hair , it stings a bit like when you get brain freeze , i still think this is also something that can be overcome once i get used to these. Maybe this brain freeze is blood rushing deep in to the core of the brain where the primal parts of survival are! maybe not.

I always like to also make a jug of black tea at my desk, so when im done i got something warm to drink while i recover. 

Video from youtube of another guy who takes them.