Friday, 13 March 2009

Vegtables and Salads for Breakfast

raw-food-dietIdea when looking at the suggestions for breakfast there is so many dry and bland cerials and sugary coco pops ideas where is the 5 a day. if eating fruit and vegtables is so important, then why is waking up to a vegtable soup or a salad such a frowned apon idea. Starting the day with coffe and toast or starting the day with a bowl of greens and cherry tomatoes. While they are both different, it seems the norm to go for the unhealthy option, so while starting the day off with breakfast is important how would boosting that with a proportion of your vital vegtable intake make a difference.

I have always struggled to get up and force a bowl of ceral down. it is too heavy and dry, so almost every breakfast so far in my life has been skipped. Many attempts to get up and eat have been attempted and so far i have never really managed to make the habbit stick. So with that in mind a turn to another more fresh and invigorating option, eating fresh and juciey salad and vegtable for breakfast. Start the day with a booste of fiber minerals and water.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Raw for 30 days

Found the link to the Raw for 30 Days movie, in this movie a group of people with many health problems go to a health retreat , hosted by Dr Gabrial Cousins. Where they overcome their Diabetes and other health problems by eating only raw and organic food for 30 days. The changes happen fast and within a few days they no longer require medications , mainly due to eating good food and being healed by the food. This movie also has negative charectors who's adictions force them to lie and leave , but for those who were willing to follow the programe, there is positice and inspiring life changes. Movie deals with the adicitions to food and has some good Raw Foodist references for those that are intrested. Thanks

Raw for 30 days full movie

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Clean sweep assesment

i scored 71 on my first attempt which i think is pretty good but there is 29 left to tick and some of those are real doosers



So just doing this questioniare while , i get some things sorted. have been looking of 43things allot and im thinking of putting togeter my own list.