Thursday, 28 May 2009

Easy Mistakes Cost Hard Choices


I learnt from business the principal of RIGHT FIRST TIME , this statement is very profound as simple mistakes that would be easy to do right first time, then turn in to huge wastes of time when done wrong.

Not only do they waste time but the time they waste is stress filled hard work , depressing and usally causes stress and negativity and cost of money and resources.

What also is lost and i think this is the worst thing. The loss of the unknown, ie had it been done RIGHT FIRST TIME , we would probly be allot happier be working on another goal, we would be more motivated and a stronger more confident person. The experiances and path that would have been walked down due to getting the situation right could have been a whole lot better.

Simple mistakes cost so much and hold you down, i used to procrastinate allot at university. and so much time was spent thinking and planning to do the work , i stayed in some nights playing catchup to the work i should have done months ago.

If i had done the work months ago then i would have had months of  fun and carefree time. Which could have lead to allot of new experinaces and positive experiances, knowing myself i would have filled the void with some new goals and projects so i would have possibly progressed to a much higher set of goals than just fixating on putting of the work and then playing catchup.

Another old Phrase DO IT NOW.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chick flicks and Handstand training


check out this blog its really cool , good people and ideas

writing a full post for each topic, more like a daily to do list of all the ideas and thoughts that i come across

airing out your house - dusting - opening windows

visceral fat, internal fats and how to burn

going out alone, traveling alone or pubs / bars alone

more southen fried chicken recipies

erotic stories and romance novals

what really goes on in saunas

reading vs watching stories

visceral fat

Coraline going to see Coraline 3d movie / 3d movies

picease or horoscope ideas predictions

what is it about popcorn?

what is it about chick flicks?

intricate descriptions, or using words to describe beuty and complexity over just viewing complex visuals.... writing and reading complex meanings of art over viewing....searching the web or bookstore for imagination and creativity that requires reading to visualise or comprehend

just checking some bloggs gona try and work  on some handstand pushup routine for next few weeks

being fun over being confident

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Double Check To Do List


Missed an important interview this morning because i was sure in my mind that it was at 2.45 in the afternoon even though its written in my diary in big black pen 9.40 am . I had already planned my entire day around 2.45pm and was busy with some chores before setting off, when a glance at the pad gave me the realisation that the meeting was already 2 hours ago. Had i double checked the night before then i would have been aware of this and planed my day around the 9.40am meeting.

Now another time waster  is the reschedule of the appointment. The searching for the number to contact the person. The possibility of loss of earnings and reputation. The whole stress and annoyance that i would let a meeting be confused and not plan well in advance. Now i got my day on catch up and damage limitation due to a blunder that would have been easily avoided had i done a quick double check.

Fail to Prepare  = Prepare to Fail !   BeWiseMonkey

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Music Or White Noise Helps With Study


Just a Google search of Music and Concentration comes up with many good ideas, I personaly know that i can work for longer while ive got some music playing, and dont go cheap on your music if your playing from your pc make sure you got your sound card and speakers set up properly, you wanna have clarity of the notes and be able to clearly hear all the notes and melodies and intricate patterns in music. If your listing to Pianos you wanna ajust until when the keys play the hairs go up on your arms.
My speaker set up i got bass controll and volume to i can pick out some parts with a little extra bass.
Have your music files well organised and get an idea where each song is so you can string together. Another benifit i also find is i am able to exersise for longer times and do a better quality when there is musice on . I enjoy Royksop Melody AM while im practising Yoga chillin and doing stretches.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Retro Power Breathing Yoga Guru

this video is dubbed yoga guru

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Yoga ideas moves


Nice yoga

[googlevideo=]Just been following some of the movemints in these videos and im supprised, so im gona add these here for future refernece and then also , practice the poses and stretches regular.