Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My Latest dreaming trick


Using Dreams to Trick me back to sleep

For a long time i have been working on getting up when the alarm clock sounds and starting my day straight away. And this was going really well my trick was to set the alarm an hour or two before i wanted to wake up, so i wake up when the alarm goes off and i can get a drink and remind myself that i will be waking up in an hours time, so i still got to enjoy an hour of snoozing but still getting up on time. But recently my mind has figured out a new trick for me turning off my alarm and going back to sleep for another 2-3 hours .

What will happen around the time i will be needing to wake up i will have an extremely vivid dream almost lucid, and in the dream a huge event or story will begin to unfold, one where there is a epic battle or situation that i am in, then i will wake up. At which point my self talk and sleepiness will beg me to go back to sleep to find out what happened next in the dream. I am creating dreams that need an ending so when i wake up i need to go back to sleep to try and find out what happens next. The funny thing is the next dream is never the same as the previous one, as i try to will the dream to continue by remembering and replaying parts of the dream i just can not get the story to take off from where i left. So i fall asleep and keep willing myself to fall asleep so that i can finish the dream and see the ending or consequence.

 This is the trick because the ending doesn't really matter i could always think of what happened next when i am awake as its my own story telling imagination that has made this tale so far. 

 I really enjoy dreams even the ones where i feel pain or fear , these little moments of life are as real as to the extent you can perceive them. As they are my own personal unique experience that only i can see and feel each night i am always surprised at the detail and complexity of the dreams. I always remember a dream where i was sitting in a car while two other people freestyle and rhymed lyrics together, i always remember that i was truly amazed at the skill and use of language. But at the same time, as this was my dream it would have been myself creating those two characters and putting the words in their mouths. So it was a part of my self and my own intelligence that was freestyling, which means i must have the skill inside on a deep level in some part of my mind that i don't always access during conscious thought.

 I am always trying to learn and see more what visions i have during sleep as i cannot ignore these hours of my life just because i am asleep.

Freestyle Instrumentals


 Tom Green Rhymng with xzibit

Here is a link to some instrumentals if you ever want to just try and freestyle some ideas out , here is some instrumental tunes for you to use as a tool , will be practicing daily to for a while to get some rhythm and flow in to my thoughts and ideas. Being able to have flow is also good for when talking.  

Instrumentals free beats


ok find some more beats

Friday, 19 June 2009

Taking a leap of faith

Leap of Faith in to the Unkown Web

Changing Servers and domains changes everything. This leap of faith applies to the change of BeWiseMonkey.Com changing its server on the web, the site was getting good quality hits everyday , up to 1000 hits a day and has all the promise of growing to be a nice popular site, for all those people who like watching funny monkeys, checking some nice girl pictures and reading some random articles. Unfortunatly the site was on Wordpress.com which has a very little tolerance for advertising.

Affiliate links and adverts are not allowed on Wordpress and so i was risking the site by having it on there. Not that i could have just taken ads off the site, but i want to be able to advertise on my site and i dont want all my articles to be deleted. So the choice was to take a leap of faith and move away from Wordpress.com and hoste privatly but still using Wordpress.org to manage site contents. Having used the wordpress content and system i am happy with it and it provides me with the tools which suit my level of Webmaster intelligence.

Google and other services dont know the site has moved my page rankings on googles searchs still come up the same but the BeWiseMonkey.Com they link too is differnet to the current location the site is in. So back to square one, i dont know how the traffic will grow now i have no associations with the wordpress.com tagging lists as i used to get good traffic from them and im not sure if customers search terms will take a while to hit in to my site again.

Leaving Wordpress.com and now out in the big open internet, maybe this happend to soon. I could have removed advertising from my blog and carried on and tryed to build the site visits to 10-20k per day then left anouncements advising people to keep the webname on favorites list and that it will be offline for a few days while it gets rebuilt on the new server. Another thing is the site has had to undergo new design modifications as the old theme didnt transfer over.

Being with Wordpress you are not allowed to modify htlm code either so your pages and posts are pretty much fixed with in what the simple scripts will allow, now the site is able to have flash and other forms of Htlm i think it will be a steep learning curve and also a little bit of fun to see what else can be included to the visit. I am a complete coding beginer so its slow steps but overall time will tell whether the leap of faith was worth it.

BeWiseMonkey.com Slap


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Crazy Laughing Monkey

Laughing Monkey

Funny Monkey Making a laughing noise, this monkey is freaky looking but really funny, and has a strange laugh.


Monkey Play Fights Dog

monkey vs. dog

HA ha, This is funny the Monkey is using allot of different tactics to outsmart the dog, Think its funny when he jumps on the dogs back when he's not looking. Monkey and dog play fighting. Monkey owning the dog lol. When he hits the camara you can see him thinking Ouch!


Monkey Trained Figher

Karate Trained Monkey

This monkey has learnt some moves , in Karate . When the guy instructs the monkey can throw roundhouse kicks and even performs an evasive technique to an attack from behind. Truley a Wise Monkey  !! Monkey Fighting

Monday, 15 June 2009

BeWisemonkey.com Image

[caption id="attachment_784" align="aligncenter" width="424" caption="BeWiseMonkey.Com"]BeWiseMonkey.Com[/caption]

Friday, 12 June 2009

sophie reade - dogface Pics bigbrother 10 sexy housemate. and the Winner. Of all the big brothers ive seen Sophie read, sticks in my mind the most a beautiful blonde with a gorgeous body. Known as dog face she is an amazing looking girl both with clothes on , in underwear and also naked. Can imagine the fun you would have with this girl . She is sweet.

[gallery link="file"]

I would love a girl , like this she is really amazing and i think she would be great fun in bed.

The Humble Pushup / Pressup


Zanta got his body from doing thousands of pushup's all over toronto. All day long performing pushups.  :)

Friday, 5 June 2009

This video shows some amazing views of our plannet and shows how mankind has used technology to surivve of the land. It also explains some of the problems this has caused. This video shows worrying tales of the future, and asks questions of our style of existance. Shows the developing world and beutiful views of the different countries of the world.  Take time to watch this video even if global warming does not intrest you some of the views of the modern world are well shot in this high def film.  Click the world above or link below to watch the full movie on youtube.

Youtube link >>>HOME MOVIE<<<<

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tapping in to the whole world

You want money people and power tap in the whole world , trillions of dollars flow around the world every hour and it makes you wonder how to plug in to that and make some money flow through you.