Monday, 24 August 2009

Apex Weeping willow Drum and Bass Tune


Drinking Coffee before going to the gym

Makes sense that the boost in energy from drinking coffee will increase the work load and workout in the gym so its  30mins before i go to the gym and im drinking strong coffee with a little sugar as its bitter. I havent worked out over this weekend so my monday sessions are usally a little slow but i hope this helps. Im working the chinup bar today and the punchbag. Il probly beat the shit out of it as ive got this caffine booste to work with. But only doubt is i usally have a crash after workout is over i wonder if the coffe will make me crashany harder.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Stuck Left hook to the body

Currently working on a new body weight routine , for the week this will include boxing sessions in the gym for loosness cardio and handspeed. mainly bodywieght exersies for strenght , not working on the weights until i have properly masterd my own weight. Pressups and other exersises will be done in sets as though i would be doing the wieghts , i want to master the pull up bar as well.

Moments of inspiration seems so positive but then fall away after a few days , i was so pepped up last weekend after seeing an old friend win world champion freerunning , which lead to the inspired change back away from weights and towards the bodyweight exersies. And now after a week has past although i have some new angles to play when i go to the gym all the inspired motivation has disapeared and i am left with the basic fact that i just need to now work with this new goal.

As far as progress with the six pack i now have a larger goal of just mastering my own weight and this will naturaly harness and pull in all my core muscles i have gained more tone and a 4pack just over the last few weeks as i have been focused on body strenght than in the months where i was focused on an asthetic 6pack conditioning. Now imworking as a coplete unit my 6pack muscles as getting wider and chunkier and seem to fit in better as a whole insted of just being toned down the middle. 

Also getting back on the bag (Boxing) is fun , i forgot how good a session on the bag feels. The trick is to really mix it up , i work on the inside and on the outside of my jabs. I think myself my most effective blow is a left hook to the body. I cant imagine a set of ribs that could take a Sharp hook. I know in fights mostly people go for the head and swing high. i would say that even he toughest of chins will be sent to the ground with a sharp hook to the body. I would also say that its a bigger target and there is more area to land somthing that is effective.

After spending the week in the gym and being on a high from all the inspiration i gained from watching videos on youtube the weekend has come to be a bore for myself. My gym shuts on the weekend and i dont have the house to myself. It is used mainly as a rest days and recovery. After changing my routine last week i had allot of aching muscles , my back and core and thighs were tight and sore for a few days. And my elbows were a bit sore from the boxing i didnt feel as sore doing the weights and i didnt feel as worked out doing the weights. So to sum up this , bodyweight is it for a while, its kicking my ass. I forgot how much i loved it.  I think as well with bodyweight exersise you start to have more fun in the gym. its not about sticking to a station , its about jumping and punching and kicking and running all the fun stuff.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Power up conditioning upper body


Some ideas on how to improve the upperbody strenght. This is planch to handstand press. Handstand training and pushups are require upperbody mastery , very strong internal core strenght and whole body tone and condition. Controll of all the muscles as a complete unit. Will not lift another weight in the gym until i have complete control of th weight of my body. I used to do body weight conditioning and have found that joining a gym made me think about the machiens to much , i have gone up allot on the different weighs but have found simple things like pressups harder , so im leavingthe weights alone for a while and using conditioning techniques like these ones to get control and condition back properly.

Kipping Kippies Pullups Trial How To do


Going to encorperate Kipping Pullups in to my gym sessions. After seeing some awsome videos the last few days of people who are freerunning and doing parkor. im going to start encorperating more explosive movements in to my training Starting with one change and thats mastering the pullup bar at the gym doing allsorts of exersise including the Kipping pullup. Did a session of them today and im going to be working on this technique a little more. Difficult to do as the pullup bar is so close to the wall but i felt good using more of my whole body to launch myself up insted of just pumping  the arms in the traditional dead hang lift that ive used so much before.

How to take a cold shower

Ive writen a few posts on the benifits of cold showers and my experiances with them. I took some time of using them, when you dont take a cold shower for a while the water feels that much more unplesent and so you go longer without taking one. But this last week or so i have been taking only cold showers and they have been great. Just wanted to sharesome tips on how to take the cold shower , and how to get in to a cold shower.

Before i would just get straight in and it would be painfull, now i do this and its much easier . stand away from the cold water and put one leg in, use your hands to massage in the cold water. Then change legs and put the other leg in the cold shower and massage the cold water on to  the leg. Then do the arms one at a time rubbing the water and massaging then the Head and scrub the water in to your hair and face. Then the body and finally the back . And before you know it your completly in the shower and its cold but it feels good.

Another tip , get really hot before the shower. Jog on the spot, run up and down the stairs, Do some pressups and situps squats . really get yourself worked up so that you need to cool down. The cold shower will come as a reliefe and feel good.

Just take a quick cold shower every now and then. JUst take 3-4 quick cold showers throughout the day when ever you need to feel fresh and cool down.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

To Do list Tuesday 4th august 2009

  • Go to the gym>>>Working on the core and bodyweight conditioning and also some pullups and some training on the treadmill. Possibly to a few mini stretches during the day loosen up and get sorted. Went out and spent time doing some kick sparing found that my non dominant leg wasnt kicking as high or powerful as it used to some spend some time loosening that up a little.

  • Revise for job interview>>Job interview at Severn Trent water as a telepone advisor . They want a competencey interview so will need to think of lots of different examples, with some billing questions and some maths questions and a practice telephone task. So will need to work on the old phone voice again tomorow , out of practice with the clarity and.

  • Cooking>>>>Making the Grilled Chicken , the mash potatoe and corn tomorow. Will be making some green tea and probly get ceral fruit and fiber as well.

  • Need to pay my housemate>>>just find out how much i owe and pay that off, also check that he recieved his money ok

  • Need some washing powder and hair clay. Do washing and sort out all that drying and housework

  • Check the jobs as well see whats happening around here for jobs.

  • Sort out tunes on ipod

  • Update people on facebook and emails and phone.

  • Get shirt and trousers ready and check the car make sure everything is all in order for job interview on wednesday, shower and sorted.

  • Check the youtube idea out at some point see if i can find a video editing software and make a few test videos for the tube.

  • Sort out water containers for the gym and also for the room, seems the one ive been drinking out of is smelling mouldy and looking a bit grimey

  • Find out more about fencing clubs in derby, i think this mite be a new sport to master , i wish i had purchsed a guitar when i became unemployed i recon in the four months ive had of free time i could have easily learnt some tunes by now.

  • Check out poker again and also check out google chrome as im havign allot of issues with ie. check someting else other than quicktime for mobile videos as it is "slowtime" and anoying

Monday, 3 August 2009

Corn BBQ Chicken and Mash Potatoe

Just been thinking about what i eat today and comparing my eating habbits to other people , im so suprised how simple my meals can be just a bowl of corn and im sorted. No need to spend lots and lots on making extreemly elaborate meals just keeping things quick simple and filling. A high and fiberouse diet making sure that all my ntrients are coverd throughout the day and im sorted. Tomorows meal BBQ Grilled Chicken , Huge Bowl of corn with butter and mash potato. mmm Sounds good . Hoping to have some BBQ sauce left over to mix in with the potatoes and corn.