Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mirror Image



As i watched YouTube today i saw a very positive video, it was a raw food video. With matt monark and steve pavlina , you can watch below its a 2 partner. But what i found today is that in order to be a success you need to surround yourself with the people that will help you be a success, get on their energy wave length. Just as my housemates don’t go out so much i have found that i don’t go out as much as i used too. Same as the people who i have in my life seem to be problematic with relationships, i have pulled people in to my life who are having problems with there relationships and i have been in sync with them myself , how can i have a positive understanding of relationships when all i keep seeing is problems and talks of negativity.  

I need to start being around the people who are going to bring me up and take me forward instead of staying in the same level of people that are just causing me to have all these difficulties.

As he said allot of the time people fail because they have the best intentions but they associate and think with people who may be negative. Being around negative people, or being around people who don’t have control , or being around people that don’t have many working relationships.  Hanging around liars and cheats and backstabbers. Why would someone feel any better being in a pack of thieves. Or poor communicators. Binge drinkers and social outcasts. Just being branded under the same banner.

There is people who think £1000000 is nothing there are people i who just waste everything they have got.

Plan of action start to work insync with people who have attributes that I would like myself. People who have made it and who are doing good. Value an opinion of someone. See what happens. Start to work with people who are seen as normal and have there own property and who are doing well and are in a stable and happy life.