Sunday, 15 November 2009

Animal walking and Animal strength Training


Animal walking and Animal strength Training

With an open area to practice in you can explore the floor space using different animal stances and walks, try to build speed in to these exersieses and change of pace movements and direction. Practice going forwards and backwads doing the animal stances , practicing doing these while holding a weight. I have been using my ab wheel in some of these movement s and it is extreemly difficult but very effective for tageting the whole body and building a unique endurance.

Not many people train like an animal, people get big arms or good at doing crunches for the six pack, but dont get the entire fitness level high enough as a whole, doing more coordinated and complex bodyweight movements like handstands and animal walks builds strength at every layer of your body. Not just puffed up muscles but lean strong fibers and ligaments.

Encorperating addtional weihght to move things allong faster. Animal exercise and fitness drills and routines are a way of building functional strength , this is strength that not only looks good it has a functional purpose. You can use your body for all the enjoyment and games in life. Having functional fitness you can overcome obsticles that often face in day to day life. Or when trying out a new sport its easier to quickly adapt as the base and functionality of your body is already there.

If there is a tree you know that like a monkey, your could climb that or if you had to run or jump its easy to do. You could just need to quickly run to catch the train one day or jump out the way of a cyclist who has not been looking. Animal exersies take you back to realise that there are areas of your body that need to be improved, it is very humbling after months in the gym not to be able to walk like a gorilla or quickly becoming tired after stalking like a tiger. Arms feeling like jelly after only 20mins of being on all fours and feeling lght headed and dizzy as unable to spin around more than three times. Soon though with daily trainign your body and internal organs begin to pull in to shape like an animal your muscles feel lean and toned under your skin.

To even practice animal drills for 10 mins as a light routine at the start of the day will give you many beinifits , as it is balance stretching , power and your own body coordination.

Jump up and down like a mad chimp.

Stalk your prey and beat your chest like a great ape.

Monkey fighting stance, Animal exersise drill power


Monkey kong, drill , learning to be flexible and gain more strength in your arms and legs.

Work out like an animal rather that a conditioned human, use more instinctual movements and full range movements to build a body that has the raw power and strength of a wild animal, get used to using your own body weight, use the natural power and allow all the muscles to work together, developer strong coordination and a animal gorilla stance.

in the wild the gorilla is a powerful animal , it is strong and can easily lift its own body weight , use all your limbs arms and legs build a strong animal foundation before moving up on to weights.

if using your body is difficult and a challenge then master all the animal conditioning exercise before moving on to paying a gym membership. pull ups push ups and quadruple movements build you in to a strong human animal , a powerful being of this natural kingdom.

Strengthen like a monkey, monkeys are very strong they have natural raw lean muscle.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Animal Strength - raw animal power exersise

When being in the cage or in a fighting situation like MMA it comes down to instincts and natural agression and fight to overcome, train like an animal. When an animal is cornerd or hunting its prey, it rips them apart, animals bite the the prey and rip them limb from limb.

Raw agression and animal power can be developed by watching nature show us how its done. Think its smart watching fight tutiorals and taking lessons. Have a fight with a wild monkey. They know what to do as they rely on the instincts how to destroy the enemy to overcome the situation. The raw animal strength, is brutal. They dont take no prisoners its about survival. Its about coming out on top, the key to fighting hard is to train hard, train the body as a whole, you need your legs to push and kick and wrap and clench your opponent. Your core to twist and turn and duck.

The animal needs to be developed. Watch how a tiger will watch and stalk its prey, eyes locked on and will completely injure its prey with no remorse, they will chase down , bring to the ground then end the life of the prey. That what they do. Its a natural ability. Or a great ape , running through the jungle. Very intimidating and powerful force of nature.

Train as a complete entity by doing animal drills and learning from the exercises that are used in the wild.


Friday, 13 November 2009

If snooze is a problem , Start work later

Since ive always had a problem with the snooze button, pressing it every moment , to gain that extra little bit. Ive realised that maybe insted of cutting of my sleep , i should just start my work later in the day. To allow myself the time i need to get up and sorted properly. before i started work at 8 and was haing problems strolling in to work tired. Now i start my day at 12 and no longer have the problem. I can get up shower exercise and eat a healthy salad and breakfast , check the net and do my household jobs all before i even start my days work. I also don't need to worry about going to bed on time its just so much simpler. At work we have less customers in the evening so i don't need to work as hard. Usually when i get home at 4pm i am tired and sleepy after a full day of work now, now when i get home at 8pm and im tired and sleepy thats ok because its soon time to goto sleep any way. I don't need to force myself to wake up to do my household jobs then go to sleep , i already did all that before i even went to work. A bonus of this shift is being able to be free in the day time and see some daylight. I cold go for an hour jog in the morning around the park. Or catch up on all the latest news before going to work. there is not the big rush as there is when you have to force yourself out of bed and rush to work after pressing snooze ten times