Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Milk Replaced with Apple Juice

Vegan Raw substitute

Non Dairy replacement for cereal

Healthy non lactose fresh home made alive cheaper than almond milk which costs allot to make,

put the bowl under the juicer, and add apple straight in to bowl, this morning i added 2 bananas to the mix, was also thinking of mixing in some soaked goji berries

Cereal with apple juice and leaving out the milk, i don't buy milk very often. I have found a good vegan replacement is to use fresh juiced apple on the cereal instead, i was amazed at how good this tasted. I now have a great treat or breakfast cereal.

Replacing the milk with juice, this was sweet and chewy. Swapped the dairy for a raw alternative. Ive tried almond milk and rice milk and have found them very messy and time consuming to make.

Quick to make, i would recomend making the juice fresh before adding to the cereal, ive found apple juice not to be at its best if kept for more than 12 hours. Even in an airtight container.

The cereal that was used is a high fruit and nut low sugar swiss muesli, so with the apple and the dried bananas and the nuts and flakes it all sticks together and has the sweet juice flavor.

Easy and cheap way to still eat breakfast while having a vegan choice which i feel is far superior to the standard approach.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Celery Juice, Beetroot , Apple. Feel Great and alive with the Juice

Celery Juice, Beetroot , Apple. Feel Great and alive with the Juice.

This juice really powered me through the day today, every time i was feeling low on energy i just had a few drinks of this juice. Really strong in vitamins and minerals and keeps fresh for a long time in the Sigg Bottle.

Flavor Strong, High in Vitamins and energy. Very Smooth and filling. The Apples give it a real boost in water content. Ive found about 4 apples is enough to fill my Bottle , And 1 bottle can last a day or half a day depending on how active i am.

Today was the first day after a week of quitting the snooze button addiction, that i didn't use the alarm. As i didn't need to get up i decided to not set any alarms today. I thought i was having a lye in but as i got up it was only 8am , my usually snoozes i would usually wake up about 11am . I think when you use snooze allot you train yourself to be able to fall asleep, quickly.

Juice for breakfast, lunch and had stir fry for main meal.

Turbo charge the clarity.


Friday, 19 March 2010

Raw food cow

Just found this bunch of cows in a field , they were munching away on the raw foods, mainly greens. Raw Foodist Cows , this one i gave some grass to was a Raw Vegan think its dedication was pretty hardcore, i thought if it ate like that too often it might get skinny and weak. He Was looking ok though, i guess that when you eat ya greens and get sunlight and some fresh air thats all you need.


Demo of the Phillips Hr1861 Juicer

Demo of the Phillips Hr1861 Juicer, any one can be just like the juice master. With the Phillips juice press making juice is so easy. Ive had this 3 weeks now and Ive made so much juice. Beetroot is a powerful juice to add to the mix. I like to use vegetables that have allot of juice, in this 1 i used carrots. The Phillips juicer i did allot of research for this juicer and so far i cant fault it. Carrot and beetroot juice is very refreshing. When you drink Beets as a juice you can really tell that your getting top vitamins right in to your system. Its very easy to do just make a batch in 1 go and keep air tight in a bottle, I tried jars but have found that Sigg bottles are airtight and don't allow any light . They keep juice fresh for around 2 days , at the moment I'm making juice before bed and putting in the fridge and then its nice and chilled in the morning just needs a little shake. Instant burst of a mixture of fruit and vegetables to start the day. Very hydrating.


Making Parsnip Juice, Raw Juicer, with Apples

Video Review of the Phillips Juicer

I made a liter of juice tonight in my Phillips juicer was a really refreshing juice, nice clean crisp taste and a creamy texture due to the parsnips. I have been drinking this juice for breakfast the last 2 days really fresh and the ginger gives it that kick what you need at that time of day.