Thursday, 27 May 2010

Do people still hang out without booze?

Seems to me when ever i want to do anything anymore i always get the question why arnt you drinking? Are you driving?

No !! What the fuck, whats with all the booze, can i not just hang out and be social without all this money spent on drinking. Im not sure what it is just seems to thats all i get when i meet up with people. Drink Drink, and more Drinking. I've had enough of all this drinking and expectation to drink and get drunk. Some of my best sober nights would have been even better if not for all the drink pestering.

I enjoy a drink when i feel like a drink but the majority of the time im in just a good frame of mind to not need a drink. When ever people want to see each other in my area, there is always drink involved. Do people hang out without drink, whats normal? I haven't seen any people for a while because im avoiding the drinking situations. If it involves just drinking then im out. People never seem to get together for healthy reasons, lets meet up and drink vegetable juice and water. Thats my kind of buzz , lets meet up or go out partying. The drink is just an expensive product that is sold by the clubs and pubs to make a profit. Ive been on nights out where almost the entire night was consumed waiting at the bar to get served, drinking then going back to the bar and waiting to get served again. So stupid and pointless, and the expense £3.50 per bottle spending £30+ booze , being sick , feeling sick, and spending the next day being sick. Paying £30 to be ill , what? paying to get sick. Actually spending allot of money to pay to be ill this is crazy just so crazy. There is no logic in this and the cost involved is stupid.

Monday, 3 May 2010

When the alarm goes off i got to get out of bed

The way i got around this goal is setting the alarm for when i need to get up, if i press snooze then il be late. if i set my alarm for before when i need to get up il just go back to sleep.

So i just set it for when i “Need” to get up.

If its the weekend or i have no plans i turn the alarm clock off!

This is working, i still feel a little tired in the morning , but at least i haven’t been spending 30mins talking in my head why pressing the snooze button is a bad idea, then thinking ok just press it 1 more time.

Those mental games that get played when there is the choice to press the snooze just cause more tiredness. I wake up and get up or im in trouble!

I want to clear my student loan

Although it does not worry me, its a debt that i have hanging over my head, that i wish i was clear of. University was great, i enjoyed the experience of the whole thing every year i was there i was also creating more debt.
Ive been working on trying to pay some of it back, i want to cleat this debt.
Still i am on an income that does not allow me to clear this loan, i could pay some of it off but then im also not going to be able to save for the future. So im in a situation where, this is a goal i am trying to think creatively about. The easiest way to clear this is to just get a higher paying job. Although i am happy in my current role, so i will keep working at clearing this debt.

you will be late if you press the snooze button

in order to stop hitting the snooze button , set your alarm for that momnet in time when you would panic and say “oh crap i need to go go” so the alarm is an alarm. if your gona hit snooze then just set the time so that snooze is not an option, then if you want to get up earlier it is due to your own natural choice and motivation rather than the buzz of the alarm going off. using this aproach i am starting to wake ealier naturaly as i am now trying to get up before the alarm goes off, rather than after it has made its anoying beep. The alarm should be just that an alarm!! Learn to wake up before the alarms are raised!

How to learn to speak fluent gibberish

"Dont Make Sense"

How I did it: mix ideas together and talk about things then add in technical longwinded explinations, then make animal noises for no reason, or think that the other person understands random numbers ... gibberish , picture yourself as one of those strange people huddled over a bottle in a door way , those hairy smelly people who are missing teeth

Lessons & tips: dont think , just talk as soon as you start to make sense , change the subject

It took me 2 days.

It made me Crazy sounding

How to donate blood

"have given blood five times now"

How I did it: when there is a session on, go in and ask to give blood. they will take your details , and test you too make sure your ok to give. you sit on a chair wait for your name. lay on a bed . they put a needle in your arm , you lay there for about 10 mins looking at the celing. you get up and get as many drinks and food as you need. then you leave. for about 2-4 hours you feel kinda stoned. ... do not drink alcohole after you will be destroyed.... easy to do though. they call you back every few months to do it all again.

Lessons & tips: dont drink booze after , you will be very sick, drink lots of water , and rest put on some tunes when you get in and chill for the rest of the day.

It took me 1 day.

It made me Dopey

How to keep a daily diary

"daily log of events good to remember my life"

How I did it: every night i get my diary or a bit of paper , and write down the main things that happen to me in the day, what i did , who i saw , anything new , somthing funny, or different, i always think to myself when im tired and need to sleep , "ok time to write up this day" n just fill the page with all the info i can remeber. if i didnt do this there is so many fun things i would forget about. a simple log of events means i can read and relive the events . its funny cus big issues that really get to you when written in a diary seem to be small and insignificant when you read them after a few weeks. and its funny looking at tomorows blank page and wondering what will be written there within the next 24 hours.

Lessons & tips: write places you went to and be descriptive so that you can remeber , write about the little unique events. allong time i used to write  .i got up and watched tv. but that didnt really make me remeber anything. now i will put i got up cus ....adding more details. dont just write watched a film write about the moments of the film you remember, to remeber. have enough space to write so you can put lots of information.
if you cant write in your diary write on paper then copy in to diary. finish the day with 10 mins just jotting all the days events. write clear, make sure you can understand why your writing ideas. review your diary to see where its difficult to understand

Resources: a diary , a pen , memory

It took me 1 day.

It made me remember

How to find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

"keep a diary so you can remember"

How I did it: as part of another goal on here i started a diary, so i combined the two and while writing my diary i wrote down the things from the day that made me happy and the best bits of the day.
Each time i wrote my daily log of events , the best thing to write about where the good times of the day. Its a good way to remeber , allot of the moments i wrote about i would have usaly forgot because they are so unique and simple. example i went for a walk and saw the most amazing colors as the sun was setting after a rain fall in the park, the different vibrant shades of greens , so because i wrote this down each time i read that page in my diary im taken back to the walk . the freshnes of the air and the feeling in my eyes trying to focus rich brilliant colors.

Lessons & tips: write anything that made you feel happy, or nething that was good or made you feel joyful, excited, smile laugh, cry  sense of wonder. write it in good descriptive terms being clear . what you thought heard , touched felt. saw tasted , use as many senses and read your diary often to make sure you can add ne details or clear up any of your entries.

Resources: pen paper memory

It took me 365 days.

It made me happy

How to fill up an entire book with thoughts

"Plan think doodle"

How I did it: Ive filled allot of books with thoughts and plans, the thing to do is experiment , ive got little pocket books , books with blank pages , grids , dates diary's, journals and a3 artists pads. 

Some times just a quick note other times pages and pages
Even just a list of random thoughts , was writing a blog and 1 day i listed 500 ideas for blogs and articles. 
Some times i just need to see an idea on paper. 
im left handed and i wrote about 10 pages with right hand. just keep it around. for ideas ect

i put six months because ive 3 or 4 pads on the go as well as writing on my computer 

Lessons & tips: Try all different sizes and styles of pens and paper, just write and doodle 

It took me 6 months.

It made me observant

Back on the Cold showers again and starting to feel it

wooo , had a while where i went back on the warm showers, but now the boiler is broke im on the cold 1’s again, think the trick is just stand under the water and feel the pain, it lasts about 1-2mins then the water just seems to feel warm. not sure if this is the point where your skin just goes numb. then massage the cold water in to your skin. feels good

the first 1-2 mins is the worst and also if you put your head on the water, you get the brain freeze feeling, and can be hard to open your eyes, your whole head goes numb

How to take more cold showers

"cold n chilly"

How I did it: i take more cold showers now because as part of trying to achieve other goals i go to the gym and do more, a cold shower really cools me down and sorts me out.
i think cold showers are cold , so no suprise when i take one they are cold.
i just take a short cold shower of maybe 60 seconds just to quickly freshen up, or maybe a longer one when i get back from the gym and im too hot.

Lessons & tips: if you dont like them dont put the water on the coldest setting just have them cool .  or if they are too much , just turn the water on for 20seconds then turn it off and maybe try and last 30 seconds next time . or alternate between hot and cold... or go straight in without thinking about it. or just do 1 part at a time.. there is lots ofways to go about it. they are just a bit cold at first

Resources: cold / hot water. towel exersise shower

It took me 13 days.

It made me ahhh freezing