Saturday, 31 July 2010

Getting out of bed at 5am , Day 2

I really enjoyed yesterday, it was like my own personal secret getting up early and working my day with the additional 2 hours at the beginning. As I am now up at its 5.20am something I read yesterday where, waking early seems to be just like shifting time zone is starting to feel like the case. I am having difficulty writing this blog right now I’m still half not with it.

With the alarm going off at 5am the last two days it has caught me right in the middle of a vivid dream. Both times I have been in the dream stage at the time. Which is good because both days my dreams were almost like nightmares, so its good that they got interrupted. And I've had a chance to see what is running through my mind, at these points of my day. I would have usually had a dream gone back in to deep sleep then had another then woke up. But getting up at 5am its stopped those, too much time dreaming about these weird situations and worries, just put a stop too that altogether. Think I need to look in to visualisation or meditation and get some positive images running through my mind.

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day at getting up at 5am, and so is today will be challenging working with the post 5am energy. I'm going on holiday for a day, and this includes a full day at a theme park and a full evening partying. If yesterday was an example to go on, il be in bed by 10pm after spending the whole day drifting around like a stoner.

5.30 Sun is coming up, and at least I've got plenty of time to get myself sorted for this day holiday. Sitting at my desk wrapped in duvet im technically still not out of bed, I've just brought the bed to my desk; all I need now is a chair that fully reclines and my pillow.

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Friday, 30 July 2010

How to wake up at 5am, for the next 30 days. Day 1

How to wake up at 5am, for the next 30 days.

So after yesterdays wake up time of the unusual early time of 7am and reading and writing about getting up early benefits over the course of that day it manifested in to the goal of waking up at 5am for the next 30 days. I've been struggling to get up early for many years always thinking of ways of doing it, so instead of trying to get up an extra 20 mins early or 30 mins , lets just completely burry this old habit buy getting up at 5am , this is two and a half hours early for me. Like the cold showers im sure this is going to feel harsh for the first few weeks, but then once ive got over the initial shock they will become a new experience and insight for my character.

I nearly slipped up on the first day, I jumped out of bed at 5am, then stood and thought il just lay down for 30mins and decide what im going to do with this time. I also thought i better set my alarm for 30mins as well, mmmm sounds like someone is trying to get back to bed. So i decided to do the same thinking on the pages of this blog instead.

Waking up at 5am isn’t a new thing for me, i used to work shifts and used to get up at 4.45am , by 5am i was out of the house and on my way to work. Getting up at 4.45am and leaving at 5am perhaps i should have got up 2 and a half hours earlier in those days as well because i was always rushing during that morning routine.

What to do , now that im up. I guess i better get on with some jobs. I’m hoping that i will soon start to do an exercise routine, and also get some pictures on here and video of some 5am experiences.

How did I wake up at 5am today, well I was pretty motivated to do this as i gave it allot of thought yesterday so when the alarm went off I got up. Now the hard part is doing this again and again for another 30 days, I wonder if this will be something that I will keep doing after it's over.

Update 5.10pm. Ive been up over 12 hours now and ive just completed a full days work , i advised 58 customers today, it felt relaxed and easy almost too tired to want to cause and disputes. even angry customers i eased over with my relaxed calmness. The one person on my team who is already an early riser i spoke to today to ask some advise, they had been up since 4.45am and has spent the morning painting and gardening before work. I enjoyed the fact that ive been up all this time, it even sounded weird when people told me they got up at 7am usually this would have been earlier than me but i was thinking , wow you got up late!. So now its the afternoon do i take a nap or stay awake or fall asleep for many hours , i can't quite figure out what my body is saying to me. I feel tired but i haven't eaten yet, and i dont feel sleepy tired just a dull warmth in my body.  I have had a good day so far and have had some great calls with some positive feedback, communicating almost in a detached state.

More days to follow , this may just be my own hype real test will be in several weeks time.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Reasons and Health Benefits for getting up early in the morning

Reasons and Health Benefits for getting up early in the morning

So my next big challenge in life is to overcome my need to spend all day asleepand day dreaming, as much as i love a good snooze its almost a guilty pleasure that i love and hate at the same time, true its very comfortable laying arround for 2 or 3 hours snoozing and daydreaming, but at the same time i also miss out on those 2 or 3 hours a day activly working on my life. If i just had more time in the week then i would be able to do more with myself, the main part of my snooze thoughts is thinking and brainstorming ideas, but as im half asleep these strokes of insight and genius are soon forgotten, it would be better to just get up and write these ideas on some paper, and do a quick 20 minute's of brainstorming and mind-mapping.

Ive got lots i want to do and im sleeping through my life, missing the point and the action by laying in the dreams and thoughts of my own mind.

Motivation to get up early, so I've made this list of reference of insights and ideas to get up early and some of the positive reasons and health benefits for getting out of bed and being awake in the morning.

Make it in to daily routine, at the start of learning the new routine of getting out of bed like anything this will seem like hard work, but usally after only a few weeks it becomes a talent that can be masterd, think of the edge you will have over most people if you can get up and start your day before, most people have even pressed the snooze button a few times. Being prepared for the day and having time to get ready for the days events. So life would be easier having already make your plans for what is about to happen over the next 12 hours. Making it a routine makes it harder to break , just as its a routine that is used to sleep in and the results that come from that routine are in place, so is getting up early a rotine and that also comes togther with its own set of outcomes.

Hitting the snooze button, i hate my alarm and i also hate the sound of the snooze, its an annoying ringing sound that makes me clench too the depths of my soul, the sound sickens me to the stomach, my mind hates this snooze button and yet i press it over and over. I hate the snooze and alarm. But i press it again and again, i would like to not use this alarm any more and just get up with out having to listen to this annoying beeping. By snoozing your training yourself to become sleepy fast, you wake up press the snooze fall asleep, wake up press snooze fall asleep , over and over, up down up down. When do you really wake up perhaps doing this is not healthy. There is no clear cut line between sleeping and being awake, no wonder i often feel like im walking around in a daydream state.

Pondering, this is the number 1 activity while i snooze and lay in bed , i ponder think plan self talk and daydream, often thinking in circles round and round, until i slip in to another snooze, its a very comforting mindframe, i kind of lull myself to sleep in this rhymical thinking, ponerding and thinking ahh snoozing , and then beep beep the alarm goes of again for the 4th time, then i repeat, should i get up , but ive so much to ponder, blah blah unitl beep beep that bloody snooze button again.  Should just get up pull out my to do list or open up my blog and write down some ideas instead. Get those thoughts out of my head, if there so useful then i should put them to work straight away.

Eat like a king, breakfast sleeping too much reduces the time in the morning before i have to leave the house, i get up and go and daily i miss out on some food or fruit in the morning, i start my day with no time to fuel up. By getting up early one of the activity's in that new space of time will be eating some food.

When im snoozing i think there is no reason to get up, even when ive achieved all the goals i want , i could always pull out a to do list and fill it with another 50 things i want to do with my life. In this world there is always some thing to do, even if it just means walking to the local store and buying a paper, there is new news to read. Finding a book there is new ideas to consume, exersise there is a few extra reps that can be added. There is lots to do, there is never nothing to do, even if you dont need to work for another 3 hours then just spend some time, working anyways get it out the way, getting up early would give me enough time to watch a whole movie or listen to 2 hours of music.  Spend 2 hours painting or drawing or writing a book, 2 extra hours to walk around and jog and climb practice parkour.

Stretch and breath, and drink and eat , have a cold shower and put on your clothes. Don't spend time sleeping and snoozing spend time getting fully energised and awake. Loosen up and grab hold of life before anyone else has a chance to. Get the bed made the night time clothing put away and get dressed and ready, iron the clothing . Do chores and washing, electricity is cheaper before 7am in the uk so do the laundry in this time. Get this skill down to an auto pilot response,

Exercise i think it would be awesome to hit the park at 6am or 7am , spend that hour climbing the frame and running and stretching, there would be no one around , i could even spend the hour kicking a  football or shooting baskets at the net, spend 45mins a morning training parkour/ free running. stretching and deep and powerful breathing.  my exercise routine is about functionality, i want to be able to run climb balance , have endurance and speed/power. At the moment after a days work i have no energy or motivation to work on this and my current job role is mainly sitting in an office, so then if i spend the morning doing a walk riding my bike or even powering through some parkour training at the park, then il be able to kick ass in my day time, and may even had a little energy left over at the end of the day.

People my freinds in china are only on the net during the periods when im usually asleep , if i just got up earlier it would give me more time to socialise on my global network, i could spend some time reading facebook or looking through youtube at some new people and ideas.

Just as i wrote that last sentence an prime example happened , its now 10.38 am ive been up since 7am my house-mate has just got up and is just waking up and making some breakfast. What an example ive already had almost 4 hours head-start on this guy. I must gain this skill to wake up earlier.

When i do wake up and get sorted earlier i seem to have more productivity as well, ive found the days when i start early i usally get a blog done or a video on my youtube channel , or even drop a few messages on facebook, my house also gets cleaned quicker and my  day seems more prepared and organised. Ive had some time to warm up my voice for my job on the phone as a consultant., and prepare my mind for some of the questions i am going to face from my customers. I have already gone through 20 - 30 calls in my mind of some of the situations that i will be faced with and the responses im going to be giving to these people, just like a sales man should understand the questions and rejections they are likely to face. Ive had time to prepare and then when these people come up with there questions ive already been awake 4 hours and im more than ready to advise them.

Just want to do more with my time, getting up will give me that time. The extra hours i could do so much more with than pondering, ive spent allot of time working on my internal relm while snoozing its time that i developed more my waking life. Perhaps i would need to do less snoozing if i had less to ponder, and the only way to do that is to work more on the things i do when im awake.

This is not the first time ive come to challenge my morning routine,  but like an old annoying habbit it is one thing that i want to destroy. Being harsh and getting up is going to give me another skill that i have at my disposal if i can stay awake and work on my life for many additional hours year, then all the goals and things i want im giving them more time and chance of being realised.

If your an early riser let me know in the comments below!

How to Get up Early Videos

How am i going to get up earlier each day, learn to get up at 6am or earlier

Latest goal to work on is how to get up early, there will be plenty of time too sleep when im dead. The goal getting up early and sleeping less , too much time. Just like the cold showers, they will probly feel bad for the first few weeks but then once i get them in to the system , it will start to feel bad by not getting up early. The cold showers hurt at first , but now it seems that as im on a role it would be a shame to quit now.

Getting up early, how early should i get up? . The reason i stay asleep for so long is due to day dreaming, i almost find it hard to face life when im half asleep. By getting up and out , then i hope this will improve my focus. Of all the hours ive spent daydreaming and thinking in my daze, i honestly dont remeber what ive been thinking about or if that this has even been of benifit to myself.

Its going to be a struggle to get up early, perhaps just go straight for 5am so i can train my body clock to get up early if i wake naturaly around the 5am mark or even 6am this would still give me a great advantage.

Getting up earlier would give me more time to prepare myself for the days challenges, at the moment i role out of sleep get up get washed dressed and get in the car to go to work.  If i got up that hour or two earlier, i would have time to work on this site. Maybe an hour of reading an inspirational or instructional  book. Or just an hour walking through the park, which would blow the cobwebs out of my system and get some good air in to myself.

Im up now and it seems like ive got the whole day ahead, this moment in time 9am i would be rolling around sleeping and buried deep in my pillow.

Tomorrow morning im aiming for 6am, for the next 3 weeks 6am, this is going to be the learning and trail phase after that i should be on a roll like the cold showers and that would be the new easy route to take, it would be harder to stay in bed and daydream.