Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pink Noise for concentration, relaxation and meditation

Pink Noise for concentration, relaxation and meditation

So I have found that I can concentrate allot better when I have some noise to block out external distractions, Usually I use music and some ambient trance to block out any distractions and work harder by listening to music, I have found I can work longer and harder with deeper focus and concentration when i have music to focus on and create my own head space, But the music has become repetitive and also a distraction in its self, Which track to put on and the volume and also becoming borde of my music selection, I have found Royksopp to be very effective for working especialy their Album Melody A.M this album has worked for years.

Recently I have started using my MP3 player again, and as it's been a holiday weekend I've used it allot to work on my blog and also to aid in sleep when my neighbors have been partying.  Once again music works fine but it has also been rather distracting and annoying at times. Then I realised that often the most soothing and comforting sound is simply just the low humming of my computer, I have often fell asleep just by the sound of this in the background ,  I Used to have an old lap top which had a white noise, this white noise often lead to the best snoozes and sleeps.  So I decided to look in to White Noise I knew that white noise was effective for aiding sleep and concentration, White noise is used to aid sleep and also for mediation reasons as white noise covers and blankets other sounds, white noise covers and diffuses other distracting noises, you can even buy white noise machines that generate white noise for your office or bedroom to help sleep and cover up other sounds. This sounded ideal for me I needed a sound that I could use to concentrate, white noise was good for concentration, and focus, I also needed something to play on my mp3 play to cover up late night music and distracting sounds.

I went on to youtube and searched for white noise, this is when I came across pink noise. Great white noise and pink noise now I've got a choice. After listening to many white and pink noise samples, I picked out that I actually find pink noise more soothing than white noise. Pink noise is less harsh and has a sound similar to a gushing waterfall, pink noise is easier to listen to than white noise and Ican also tune out of this sound, till Ialmost forget that even that noise is playing. I have no idea why pink noise has improved my concentration, I have yet to use pink noise to sleep better although I have found it easier to relax with pink noise. I have been using it tonight while I write this post and I find it very useful , when  it's a solid sound that blocks out those little noises, I am easily distracted by slight sounds , if I hear a voice I want to listen to what they are talking about , if I hear a bump or a slam I want to know what is going on, with pink noise I am finding that I am able to stick with my focus for longer and keep going with out distractions. Pink noise for meditation and health, pink noise for concentration and focus, if I use these tools and sounds to work on some level pink noise could also be used to work and success. or maybe even using white noise during exercise, to focus on training have not tried this yet, white noise in the gym.

I purchased a pink noise track 60mins from amazon its just a constant whooshing sound here is a example of pink noise below.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Getting up early challenge over!

Getting up early challenge over!

Couldn't do it, getting up early was hard, especially at 5am . This is not just getting up early this was getting up stupidly early. I mean this was torture, and the days when I managed it I was tortured. I felt like a walking zombie, the living dead. I think that even though I did not manage this task, once again it was something new. I have a new insight on the mind of someone who wants to get up at 5am. Damn this was too hard, waking up at 5am when the alarm went off then setting the alarm for 6am, then 7am then just getting up at the usual time. And since this for the first time ever I have slept through an alarm and been late for work. Ah no this has the opposite effect of what I wanted to achieve, I was more tired , more of a mess, a social ghost drifting around asleep and awake when everyone else was sleeping.  More realistic and something that I am currently working on is just not abusing my sleep , I need to get a certain amount of sleep so I am taking my sleep when I can get it, and getting my rest in early if I have nothing more productive to be doing.  The morning jog day was good and also some of the other days battling with the alarm clock and snooze button.

This is something worth while for getting a start on the day and getting a head-start on the rest of the world, but if your life is pretty simple and organised, then there is nothing extra that needs to be done, 6am is still plenty of time to read for an hour or exercising for an hour. 5am just seemed a little excessive, and falling asleep at 8pm or feeling tired while driving home from work is no fun at all.

Nike Free Sole Flexible

This sole is Good , I have the Nike Free TR , which has a camouflage back and nice black colour, they are a cross trainer that look smart, so can be worn any time very functional , If you need to run any time I can break in to a full Sprint wearing the Free's . I've experimented with different types of shoes. But have found that using these I've been jogging more and more. Also found that I'm on my toes allot quicker. I really like just running on the spot and also climbing with these , the deep grooves down the middle really help to get a feel for my footing around the rope and where the edges are. I think with the Free's they do take a while to get used to, you need to become confident that they will provide just enough support on your feet. I really want to upgrade next to the Vibram FiveFinger's more than likely I would get the Ko's as I like the idea of the extra support they offer. And are a bit more covered up over the top of the foot. This sole is very flexible, the Nike Tr's have a criss cross pattern on the bottom which makes them able to flex from side to side as well as allong the foots natural arch


Nike Free Video Reviews

Nike Free Video Reviews , Nike Free TR's , I have a pair and I love them , they are the most comfortable pair of trainers I have ever owned. Each time I put them on , the possibility's are endless, I run Climb and walk with these for hours.

Nike Free TR unboxing reviews
After a month of use reviews


Barefoot Ted running without shoes


Barefoot Ted! Barefoot runner , all he does is run around all the time wearing these small sandals, found that barefoot Ted had a channel on youtube, the first time i ran barefoot I felt it in my feet for hours, it's a really great experience , and I even had comments from people saying don't your feet hurt.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Getting up early day 9 to day 12

Day 9 Monday 9am

I was absolutely tired and worn out, I had spent all Sunday training parkour and running doing body weight exercise, plus the outside air, by the time I went to bed I slept when the alarm went off at 5am I heard it but I was worn out and my body was aching, felt more beneficial to sleep the extra 4 hours. This experiment on the few days where I have got up around the 5am mark has really run me in to the ground. Still try and get up tomorrow, I really felt better for the extra sleep, my arms and back of shoulders were really aching today.

Day 10 Tuesday 5.30am

Got up at early today, put on the trainers and got out the house, went for a jog. Had a bit of a run then some walking, felt really great jogging at that time , there was a few cars about and people walking around must of thought he’s serious. The air was nice and clean and it really blew the cobwebs out of the system, took a while to get used to. The iPod headphones kept falling out of my ears while I was jogging which was very annoying. Also found that I was a little bit shaky on my legs, trying to do some leaps and jumps my legs were not quite awake. I got home, had a blast in the cold shower, also seem that bit colder in the morning when you’re not quite woken up enough to take the sharp shock. but that felt good and had breakfast bananas and oats, and all this by 6.45am so decided to get back in to bed for a bit, which feels great after a cold shower. Set the alarm and fell asleep / snoozed till 7.15am which is my usual wake up time on this shift before I started getting up early. Felt good at work, the days are starting to feel long, the morning goes on forever when it feels like I've been at work all day, its only 11am. Also felt good saying that I had been up had a run ect.

Day 11 Wed 10am

Tired, my shift today was 12-8 as it only takes me 15mins to get to work I could have got up at around 11.20am at a push, this morning the alarm went off at 5am, I reset to 6am, snoozed it a bit , rest to 8am, snoozed button pressed a few times , reset to 9.30am , then pressed snooze and then just laid in bed till about 10am then decided to get out of bed. My snooze button sets the alarm to go off 10mins later, so pressing it 3 times in a row that half an hour in 3 ten min sleep instalments. Needless to say I didn’t get up early today; I have yet to get up at 5am when I'm on a late shift. Getting up at 5am when I don’t start to 12pm that’s 7 hours before I even get on my shift. This is the excuse though, on these days I don’t need to get up till at the latest 11.20am so there is so much time to have a lay in bed and snooze/daydream. And I think that is what most of my team does on this day as well by the sounds of it. They say oh tomorrow will have a nice lye in! Me too! Even though I'm trying not to, also on Wednesday I went out and stayed out late, so got to sleep at 1am which leads to Thursday’s effort. Today I didn’t feel myself at all, It was very hard to concentrate and think of anything to talk about or think about. I could do my job because I have only so much information I need to advise, but when on my breaks I felt very detached, on the night out after work, it was hard. Just took allot of effort, maybe I'm really sleep deprived, and need a good 15hours rest or something.

Day 12 Thurs 7.10am

Went to bed late, worn out and slightly drunk. After a full on day, today the alarm went off at 5am, snooze, it went off at 5.30 I reset it to 6.30am , then snoozed a bit more. I got up at 7.10am, slightly annoyed at the fact I had pressed snooze so many times, it would have been better to just set the alarm for 7.10am and got up without all the messing about. Still not bad, the thing is I still haven’t learnt to go to bed early, and the headspace I was in yesterday after drifting through the whole day. I think I read in another article Steve Pavlina, he states get up at a set time and only go to sleep when tired. I'm not really that tired until around 1am, and then if the alarm is going off again at 5am it doesn’t seem right to get up after only 4 hours of rest. Or am I supposed to so that I struggle through the day, and then need to sleep by around 9pm. Also reminds me, while doing this I have been feeling light headed sometimes, just like whoa I could just pass out here in my chair. I'm still working on getting up early and getting a straight set of days in a row where I am up. What is funny is the woman I sit with at work, gets up every single day without fail at 5am! I asked her what time she goes to bed, around 10pm was the answer which makes sense, around 7 hours of rest. She got up today and did some gardening at 5am, fair play. Also she was reading a book for 2 hours. To read at 5am would make me fall asleep; it’s too relaxing to do.


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Waking at 5am on day 6 - day 8

Day 6 waking up at 5am

Starting to wake up before the alarm goes off, this is a sign that my body clock is starting to adjust to the new wake up time of 5am, By 10 or 11 Pm this is the time that I need to go to sleep.

How does this make me more successful, I supposed I can spend? This morning did not help as its been raining hard the sky outside is dark and black, Today the tv went on for some sound , and the computer came on for some entertainment, there is live channels on tv and its weird watching the same people who are on at this time of day. I am tired, but I'm not going to sleep this one today.  Six days I've been getting up really early and all its been so far is just a new experience, I think at the end of this I would have gained the skill of being to get out of bed even when I feel tired and my mind tells me not to. Also struggling of things to do but I struggle when things to do anyway I think just having to get up early rubs this in my face a little more. Because not only am I bored, I'm tired and bored.

Day 8

The last few days the alarm has been going off at 5am but I have been sleeping through it, I have lost most of the initial motivation from this exercise and have found the last few days I've been sleeping more than normal, sleeping till 9am and also going to bed early and falling asleep in the afternoon. So it seems like I have been sleeping more and still not feeling any better for the whole experience , apart from a few days where I got up at 5am , the rest has been worse than before.  Going in to the new week I need to come back on this challenge with a renewed energy, the hardest thing about this is I don’t find any reason to get up , when the alarm goes off, I have a goal to wake up every day at 5am which I do , I wake up every day at 5am to switch off the alarm and go back to sleep. I had some really good success for the first 3 days, but now it’s falling apart and my sleep is all over the place.

I wanted to get up early so that I could jog, or look for success, so far I've got up early played computer games and fell back to sleep.  Hmm, I find this difficult so much and also very boring. The 5am get up is hard because it’s more of a chore and boring than just staying asleep and having some entertaining dreams.

Waking up at 5am is not hard, if an alarm goes off you wake up to turn it off, but waking up properly takes longer than this,  I don’t feel awake when this happens , I fall back to sleep after I've returned to my bed. If I get up and sit in front of the computer, I will just stare at the computer for an hour, my job is on a computer so I'm just working myself before I even get to work.  So I need to focus on something else, perhaps a walk or even just look out the window at the sun coming up for an hour while stretching.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I am Trying to get up at 5am , day 5

I am Trying to get up at 5am , day 5

Woke up and got up at 5.30am, once again i had pressed snooze with out knowing three times. So got up at 5.30, which is still good going and allot earlier than usual. Very tired last night I went to bed at 1am , so only 4 hours sleep. I had breakfast and checked on all the usual sites, made a drink. By 6.15am I was running out of things to do and motivation, thought I may as well chill for a bit, fell asleep. Not at work till 11.30am today, so plenty of time woke back up at 9am.

Not sure, this must be the 5 day hump. Day 5 being the day when all the initial, hype and motivation has worn off and it gets down to just doing it. Think this is where i'm at, I've done this by the book now i'm starting to feel it catching up with me. Need to change some things up if i'm going do this , just keep working on this 25 days to go.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Rising from Sleep, awakening early day 4

Rising from Sleep, awakening early day 4

I am glad that I won an I-Pod Shuffle, the new Skinny 1 that looks like a memory stick while I was on my holiday. This morning doing a little bit of dancing about to wake up. Woop jiggle jiggle, wake up! Seems to be working, I pressed the snooze button twice, got up at 5.20am. The two hits on the snooze button were completely unconscious, its only at about 5.18 I caught myself and just got up. I forgot how nice it is just to have some music playing, it's almost time as well for the sunrise to happen as well.

Wish my house was empty, even though I am up, there is things that would be easier to do like the cleaning if there wasn't people asleep all over the place.

After this weekend, still getting up at 5am, I feel like im learning about how to manage tirdness, at the end of the day my energy is still high even at about 12am. Like I thought it would be a challenge, im learning to understand how to cope with tirdness through out the day. As a result of managing my energy and becoming more aware of my current level of awarness, when I do finaly hit the pillow at the end its after a long day.

6.23am , another thing that is new since I've been doing this, is for the first time in years, I am eating breakfast. I have for years not been able to stomach food until at least midday. Eating breakfast in the morning used to make me feel queezy, now I've had my breakfast for the last 4 days. Eating in the morning with plenty of time before work seems to give me time to not rush and digest it properly. I am on the porridge, tribulus and maca combination, boiled some hot water to make a coffee , but decided to leave that alone as well.

Evening update, I was almost unemotional all day, by 4pm I was starting to make mistakes. Finding myself loosing track of my sentences, and completely removed from the situation, it felt good just on a nice clam flow, easy to talk and easy.  Didn't replenish my energy , I skipped lunch and food on both my breaks felt very light-headed. Came home at and then just feel asleep for 2 hours. Also fell asleep for 5mins at 7.20am when i leave for work at 7.30am dont know how i woke myself up out of that one.

It's been a while since I herd this tune, But I set the Ipod to just have a random selection from my computer and this tune came on which was nice.


Wake up at 5am for 30 days, day 3

Wake up at 5am for 30 days, day 3

So i got up at 5am yesterday and packed my bags for my holiday, started traveling at 7am arrived at 12pm. Spent the day sight seeing till about 7.30 feeling groggy, and sleepy. Went on some rollercoster rides and was almost too sleepy to even experiance any fear or rush. The ride felt relaxed as though my senses were dulled. I then went and watched a movie, the new A-Team , that period of time i could have easily fell asleep , i was sitting there and with the explosions and gun fire i was just comfortable with my head on my hand almost falling to sleep i closed my eyes a few times. Then i went in to the town and enjoyed a night out until i finaly got in and went to sleep at 2.30am, almost 24 hours awake and i felt it. Sleepy tired and run down , no naps during this period of time. Just 2 hours where i was sat watching a film.

I slept, and then at 4.45am i woke up almost like on autopilot like it was part of my normal routine, i woke up before my alarm had even a chance to buzz, i stayed awake until about 5.45am , i was aching all over and worn out from my whole day previous so i went back to sleep and stayed in bed till 8.30am. Which was needed, there was no reason getting up and staying up when i actually needed the rest. Now im back at home , and the time is 23.04 pm so im getting up at 5am, im going to bed  just after this. Getting up this early 5am i almost seem to feel some sense of power when i say ive been up since 5am today. And im not worried that i haven't prepared for work, i've got 2 extra hours tomorrow morning to sort out the little jobs that didn't get done while i was away.