Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Adding primal movement of parkour

Forget the gym , ive been practising parkour for a few months and really enjoy this art of movement especially along with a paleo lifestyle , its the basic way of just moving around the objects in the environment and its also a great all over body conditioner.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

My definition of a primal diet

Just a post, to clarify in my own mind what is the paleo or paleolithic or primal or caveman method of eating.

It basicly looks at what food is available when , you take away all the noise , all the packaging, advertising bullshit media, what cool or comes with a free toy. All the rubbish that is vacume packed coloured and preserved. Any thing that is enhanced or played with. All the trickery and cons, and additional stimulants.

I want my food to be real, and original. I want to eat what man has eaten for hundreds and thousands of years. Somthing that  my body was designed to use. And the optimal food for my mind.

I've become sick of the use of the term normal food when associated with words like chocolate bars and crisps and microwave meals. The norm is cheap, easy and your getting taken for a ride.

So I'm keeping , to what I see as real food, with its origins found on the earth I walk and Il let the puppets keep getting their strings pulled.

Some of my primal foods

I went to market and picked up , allot of bacon , a kg of turkey, lots of eggs and also bags of nuts.

In these Pictures I've got my 3rd week on paleo pictures, there is my food shopping. Cooking up a bacon salad. My big ol bowl of fruit

The can is I am saving my fats from cooking, when cooking bacon or meat have an old tin can ready to save the fats. Bacon fat and other fats really help to give extra flavour to allot of meals.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Keep the curtains open, wake up with the sunlight

Part of my primal efforts, is having more rest and getting more sun. Today I woke up with the sun, I had allot more energy today and felt a whole lot more positive for my day.

I made vegetable juice with cucumbers, pears carrots and apples. Which was nice and sweet and had my salad and also today while out on a trip with friends, I had a dinner kebab. This is basically meat lamb chicken and salad.

Was very good, mayonaise must be paleo as well as its eggs and oil. So I used that as a dressing.

My exersise of the day , workout of today was pullups and working the Grok hang . Hanging from my pullup bar for as long as possible. The Grok hang mainly trained my hands and my grip as that was the first thing to go as I Hung from the bar. I also did various pull and chin up exercises assisted with a chair. I actually found this very usefull, using a chair to do pullups allowed me to get more repetitions, I was able to train the movement for allot longer. Using a chair under the chin up bar also , gave me a squatting motion so a good leg exersise. I  will mainly training the bar using a chair from now on, I want to build up the foundation and get more reps in at various angles. Even using a chair you cab still pull down on the bar at full force. So I don't see why not. Did some dips as well today another powerful bodyweight motion.

While on the paleo and primal eating, also following some of the other laws. Simplifying my life, spent today also throwing away junk , old clothes and books and things that sit in my draws with no use. De cluttered my room and wardrobe, deleted porn of hard drive. And threw out old magazines and papers.

Clearing , these things so I've got nothing hidden in my room. Nothing holding me back , I hope to down size even more. If I could I would also loose the pc and tv from the room.

Update . Bewisemonkey is now on Twitter!

Still tying to find me way on Twitter, follow me please and let's tweet.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Getting more rest and taking naps.

So 2nd day in this week , and I've been reminded of the rule to get more rest. Today felt like a long struggle, partialy worn out from a late night and an early morning being rudely interupted by the alarm and fact I had to be at my desk within the hour.

So when I got in I put a beef stew on the slow cook , read about the importance of rest and took a nap and so far tonight , I've been practicing the art of taking it easy and having a rest to just get a handle on where I am  at the moment.

I'm aching from my work outs so , just taking it easy and having naps and rest.

Tomorow is a nice long walk in the countryside and a day spent looking around, uni.

Another idea which was suggested to me was keep tihe curtains open, sleep with the curtains open, and also have the window open a but for some air. Allowing the sunlight to come in the room in the morning should help, towards my morning tiredness. So I am sleeping with the curtains open , and taking more naps and also trying to just slow down the pace of things. The only problem wig having my window open is my neighbors back door is just below and they stand out the back and smoke and talk every 30mins . There is also traffic noise and barking dogs.

The smell of smoke drifts in to my room. Even smells a little like weed.

The price of eating basic foods

Going in to week three of eating my paleo diet, I've started to become tired of the price of wanting to eat clean food. My food budget for this week was $30 so far I've spent $45 and my meat and eggs that I stocked up on Saturday are running low. As I didn't have anything for my evening meal I had some eggs, so now I'm short on eggs for breakfast. My lunch today was revolting, cucumber and lettuce, cheap lettuce and cucumber which was overripe and full of seeds. Did not enjoy when I got home I googled meal ideas for paleo diet and meal ideas for primal eating and it even turned out Tue cashew nuts were out of the picture.
I love cashew nuts!
So my mind is giving me sticking points what to do for food, tomatoes and peppers mushrooms and greens. Then what about dressimg, trying to keep thus simple but like I've said previously this meal choice on eating just meat and veg , is difficult especialy on a budget.
I have stewing steak , but what do I stew it with, potatoes are out of the picture, and what about stock can't just to boiled steak and some veg, this is not going to do it taste wise.

Think what I'm really missing is some differnt tastes, meat and veg can get a little bland. With this being said though I still have to give credit for the clarity of thought that I've had over the last few weeks, just wish I could turn that in to somthing positive. A small bag of fruit and veg costs allot of money for just a few days worth of food.
I've got kiwis to eat , so at least I've figured breakfast. But now I've got to eat unripe fruit, because that is all there is to choose from. I guess most foods are out of season. In the UK so you get what you can, and most foods are expensive . Just to buy the parts to make a simple salad you are looking arround $10 just without any dressing or meat, or herbs.

Tomorow will be an exersie day. Im starting to work on the principle of having a random exercise to perform to keep my body gurssing. Yesterday I filled a box with weights  and spent as long as I could holding the box, I had to change my grip and where on the box I held on as it slowly weakend me after 30 mins my arms were spent.

Also I experimented with some cheap fish, I think it was place , its a flat fish . When fried it goes all gloopy and sloppy. A nasty mess on the plate. The frozen brocalie that I steamed was also bland possibly because it was not fresh.

I am not going to struggle doing this, if it costs me to eat better then I may as well pay the price now for my paleo foods. Then as I learn more and more about it then I will be able to start finding where I can save money.

Eating for just 1 person I'm finding it difficult and expensive , to eat a basic diet. I may even get some scales but I'm not too fussed about my weight. There is a free set I should use.

Yesterday was my come down from the non paleo day , I had while traveling and socializeing , I slept a lot and was in a weird head space all day.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Going caveman in my life , detox my house.

I've been watching some videos to day one which I will put below about just turning off the distractions, I play computer games , watch movies and look on endless webpages, in a loop constantly searching around. Looking for some advice, keeping my self amused. I find a movie that will take my fancies, watch it to distract mysself. I will watch some porn or look at adult sites, and silently feel a regret for doing so. I will sit and browse through Facebook and look at others profiles or endlessly, skim through YouTube and Blogs and forums , obsessing over the little details of food health exerise and opinion.
Traveling to work in the same old routine and waking up alone looking in the same mirror at the reflection every morning.

I'm not depressed, I just find it difficult to break the cycle of patterns I have fallen in to. Much like the others who I work with and associate , seems life makes it easy to get in to a groove. The people who do well always do well and the people who struggle always struggle, then there is my type the guys in the middle, I can have flashes of sucsess but on Tue whole most things just drift allong, not in a situation where times are hard but neither in a situation where life is amazing , just the void in the middle.

So I like my job but feel like I could do better.
I like the routine , but at the same time it sickens me.

My family and friends.we all get along just fine, but it doesn't feel like an honest powerful connection, more like we just get along together , just enough.

As I've been eating and exersising like a in modern man. I can't help but question the other aspects such as my work to live and my relationships with my self and others.

Things like , the obsession with the web, movies porn and computer games have got to stop. I'm spinning my wheels, round and round.

With out these what is my goal, ultimatly I would like to spend my time doing something I love and enjoy with people I love in a place i love.

Being social and paleo does not mix

Yesterday morning was fine, went and did my weekly hunt for food , walked around the markets and got my meat eggs fruit vegtbles and can home and got my Grok on with some Bacon and eggs. All was good this was the aniversery of my second week on paleo. Or week 2 eating a primal diet, then came the challenge friends.and forien places. We decided to got out for the day and check out a new city.
I had 3 meals away from home and although o took a back pack full of fruit with me, it was impossible eating full primal. The first place we stopped of for lunch I managed to just about get away with it by having the salmon salad, although this did come with bread and included baby potatoes, and a bread roll. There was nothing on the whole menu that was purely carb free. Then we stopper for coffees which included sugar, another hit to the system, allot the way we visited relatives who brought out cups of milky tea with buiscuits and cakes, I had to oblige and have a little cake, the evening meal was meat and veg but the veg was peas sweetcorn and potatoes.

The strange thing was and its not like any other type food regime I've been on , I actully felt offended to have to eat the cakes and other carb , like substances. The paleo and primal way of eating really resonates with my self. It feels like the right thing my body needs. After all this sugar and processed foods yesterday, I went to sleep feeling exreemly lathargic. And once again this morning the headache , which I now get after a sugar crash came back.

Almost every meal on the menu came with some type of potatoes, chips fries boiled and mashed.

Today I've.spent the time getting my meals ready for the week baking up some chicken and bacon.

The challenge is social , I can be clean and eat only foods that are simple and fresh , as soon as things start to get a little social all the sugars and crappy starts to turn up again.

Watched as an fat unhappy man sat and drank a cup of coke, which he paid allot for resturant prices he sat alone and gulped it down, a little dribbled down his face and on to his shirt, after the cup was empty . He orders 1 more and repeated the process, this time spilling a little across the table as he awkwardly returned to his seat. After that second cup of coke was gone he left.

Primal upper body, today while trying to loose the head ache , I've been on the pullup bar doing static hold pull ups, holding in a static position for as long as possible the pull up position. Working something daily doing some body weight conditioning.

Just after 2 days of doing the plank exersise my core feels like its starting to pull in.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Paleo running out of ideas

So now on week two of eating paleo diet and I have to say its been easy so far and I've also seen and felt great results , but as I go along with this I'm running out of ideas for food .
Ok so I will have a big salad for lunch and some eggs for breakfast but its after work my evening meal , struggling to come up with intresting ideas. While I'm also trying to stick to a budget. I attempted to mate a boiled cabbage and it was awful. Todays cabbage stir fry was sick. So I'm scratching my head.

Tomorrows shopping and paleo day is getting my meat and veg and also come up with some recipies. I've seen grilled peppers, need to use up my carrots also, and bin some of my carb stuff like potatoes, for The time being I'm sticking to this way of eating.

Drank a fruit juice that was high in sugar today, I was almost like being whacked on drugs, when I was talking to my customers I was all disoriented. I was mixing up their account numbers and very unfocused.

Have to really watch where the little non paleo cheats come in. I've been eating w bit of dark chock which is over 85% cocoa solids but still seems like a cheat, I'm also a little confused about viniger is this allowed , butter is allowed?

So buzzing on sugar today and felt a crash not helped by the fact I couldnt find anything to eat. I had some chicken and some Bacon bits left over from the other day.

Feeling good after work out did another workout today focusing on the static strenght , did allot of variations of the plank, held the pushup position and also the  squat position. Till I felt the burn, also did squats and a few mins using resistance bands for my arms.

Green tea went down well tonight also, shopping day tomorow. And also detox the cubord get rig of some of the flours and sugars.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Loosing my man boobs on the paleo diet

Today I ate my salad for lunch and had my eggs for breakfast and also a snack when my evening meal turned out rubbish , I tried to make some kind of stew/soup or boiled veg with a bit of chicken and Bacon in it but it turned out rubbish . Tasted poor and not very appealing or satisfying.

Running out of food ideas for this primal way of eating, I must state for the record the clarity of mind that I have had for the last 2 weeks has really been great, apart from the bouts of depression, I am starting to feel like this is working.  There has been a noticable reduction in body fat even after just 2 weeks and my skin tone and leanness is really improving.

Worked out.
I really targeted the areas that dont get used much today, I sit at a desk  all day so I really targeted my legs and core tonight, did allot of squatting and plank.

Paleo American primal for tomorrow
Dinner, this is the hardest meal for me, I don't just want cabbage every day, need to look on the net and get some meals learnt.
Running tomorrow, think its time I did my sprints.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Eating all this fat is a real test of faith

So I've been eating all primal now for a week and a half , paleo foods salads and meat and veg. I have found the variety on veg is very limited, cabbage brocaly and some cucumbers and celery, most other foods seem to be off the menu.
Started to save the fats , I cooked my eggs in Bacon fat this morning and stir   fried my cabbage in chicken fat from ky baked chicken portions. Meat box in the fridge is starting to fill up.
Finding it hard  to see how this is going to work long term, I feel great on the stable energy from this method of eating . But I'm running out of ideas on the food front. If in doubt then ol check out the web.
Have been feeling lazy, and I'm worried that although I am eating high fat , I don't want to start getting fat. I thought the idea was that exersise when you feel , like it and rest when you need to I've done a session which is a hard session yesterday. Although if you read that post, I only actully did the lower level routines, which kicked my butt. Today I need to add more fun days in to the routine. Tonight has been about food prep and relaxation. Now that I've got a smart phone, I no longer need to sit at my desk.
I am blogging in bed with my smart phone.
Very relaxing and meditative , just blogging while relading.

Thursday. Tomorow, I'm on a 12 till 8 at work , so I've got the morning free, this is the time when at my house I am the most productive, no distractions and I can work uninterupted.

Paleo instructions for tomorow, get more air.
Get some sunlight ideal if I'm going to work at 11.30

Getting enough rest.
I going to bed early tonight, although I always hate it in the morning when I  know that I'm not fully rested. But I always feel guilty going to bed early as I feel like I am missing out on something. I suppose if I know that  I am not missing out then I should get my rest in early. Which may have another added bonus, the sooner I can get down to recharge then like a phone the quicker it will be to fill up the batteris.

Paleo foods , for tomorrow, Bacon and chicken salad, eggs breakfast and some chicken and leak soup / broth for tea.

Primal fitness humbled by the basics.

Decided to start doing some primal fitness this evening .  I could squeeze 4 of the five movements. Thinking I would be at the level 4 already I thought as a warm up I would just do a set of the lowest foundation exersises, so with arrogance I got in to the starting position and to my disbelief o struggled to finish the full set. The aim is to master each movement before moving on. I am still on the basic set, my pressups felt flimsy. My squatting was awkward and my back and legs creaked. In the half plank position I trembled all over and felt loose after 60 seconds.

Don't be fooled by all these fancy movements, get the basics down first, tomorow is going to be another play day as bodyweight goes, more focus on doing each rep well with good motivation, taking time to build the power in to each movement. Although number of reps is important , as I am at a foundation level, I thinly that its more important to learn each position well. Grease the groove, do allot of sets of low reps.

I forgot how good the plank tenses the core.

Doing wall squats and wall pressups takes a little strain out the action , but also gives enough time and practice to become familiar with Tue postion and ballance of this exersise.

My lesson, get The basics down and get them solid.

Primal day tomorrow, plan. Eat my bacon salad at lunch , bake up and debone my chicken legs,

Make the stock with the bones, and with this cabbage and chicken broth. With a few mushrooms in it too.

Go and get some air walk round the  park , do a little jogging and running (play) then another hour getting a grip on my bodyweight exercises.

Being primal having cold showers , but I do this any way!

To think about while I'm at work, I need to start setting a budget for food, I guess that the last 2 weeks have been getting expensive eating in a primal way. Need to find the value and stick to it, things like olive oil are running out quicker., also the cost of all the meat and fresh fruit and veg.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Getting the horney on green tea

Drinking green tea for a long time but its mostley been the variety that is I the tea bag form don the supermarket. Recently decided to go to market and but the fresh loose leaf quality stuff. I was in shock and owe how crisp and fresh / flavorful the green tea was. Usally I drink it not really enjoying the taste but for the percieved health benifits, also under the assumption this drink is going to be good for my sexual health and hormones. I drink it and think nothing of it.

Good quality green tea is another storey
Having said that not only was I amazed at the flavor of the good unprocessed tea, the relaxation was deep and almost imediate. The next thing this was making me super horney. This is funny to put but the increased energy and blood flow was amazing, green tea would find a definitive place in the bed room and also as a pre work out tonic. The increased vigor , stamina blood flow the flushed of the capilaries.. was very noticeable. The effect was something to look forward to and enjoy experimenting with. I googled the net and found green tea really does have positive effects on the male sex drive, helps with blood flow, increases both desire horneyness and improves sperm production and testosterone. Not bad for a little drink.

The problem going cheap, you don't get the quality. I've eaten enough under ripe fruit in this country. It was not until I ate a fresh ripe peach, I could not believe the flavor it made me weep. How sad for so many they will always think that what they are fed is the true flavor of food. I need to get more fresh and ripe produce.

Using my phone to Blogg my Grok day today

This my first of many bloggs using my phone for my blogging , being the first its a good way to keep the blog updated without having to air at my desk.

As I go in to my second week of eating like the primal man I've noticed a few things , I really enjoy the clarity of mind at my work. I absolutely destroyed my work today. I can't wait to see the stats tomorow . I looked at my billing history also i took 70 k last year in payments.  What do I got to show for it not much there is no commision.

Going Grok , even though there has been some bog temptations today , cheap cookies at work and cheap chocolate I resisted pretty good. Just working and smacking on my salad at lunch.

Still there were a few things I could have done without , had allot of cheese and cream sauce on my veg and after half a bar of dark chocolate after eating that I passed out for about 2 hours. After that I haven't really had the motivation to do much with the last 3 hours tonight.

I'm getting pumped already and I've hardly done Amy exercise, my challenge tomorrow is to see where I rare on.the primal fitness scale.

There are 5 classes of exersise to master, each exercise has a number of levels where you only progress after mastering a.certain number of reps. Example the pressup is the key movement but to do this you must first be able to complete 50 incline pressups. These are a little easier, to get to the incline pressups you must first have to master wall pressups which are a little easier. So I want to see where I rate on this scale. I know I've.been able to crank out 40 pushups before but I also know now that that has been a while and allot of lethargy has passed during that time.

Eating wise tomorrow , I'm having a salad with chicken , lots of fruit . Green tea and after work ok going to have allot of stir fried veg.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

End of week 1 on the Primal foods

First impression

Despite what you may read as allot of negative and unwanted results from this style of eating below, I believe that what I have felt this week has been a part of the process of coming of the coffee and junk and sugars, I've felt bad but its felt like a part of the process. As I look on the web of peoples results and stories I just think that the first week and possibly week 2 are just the shock to the system, I'm still going to give this way of living a long enough time to see if this is going to work for me. I feel slimmer although I've no way of weighing myself, I'm not doing this for how much I weigh, I don’t care, its more about body composition, i.e. how lean I am and how functional I am on my own 2 feet, how heavy I am is not the goal, I want to bring my fat ratio down I want to become more productive and motivated in my mind. But on the whole taking the rough with the smooth, it’s been an enjoyable week and some great meals and lessons along the way. Still can’t believe as I coat my food in lard and bacon fat this is going to make me slimmer. Time will tell, just it goes against what I believed about food.

The first week eating Paleo foods, with a few mistakes here and there.

It’s hard to keep 100% on the Paleo foods, eating veg, fruit and meat. Every day sounds easy, but then life also gets in the way, and most places are geared towards packaged and processed. It’s hard to find something that is filling and wholesome when the only thing on offer that is Paleo is an apple.

But when I've been at home I've eating my meat and my veg. I can tell when I haven’t eating anything dense in nutrients for a while because I actually crave something fresh and some veg; I found a new shop to go to where this type of food is cheaper. The thing that is annoying about eating Paleo foods in the UK is that most you can tell are not ripe enough. The bananas are green, but any ways back to the eating, I've had some great meals this week, lots of bacon lots of chicken and pork. I've eaten allot of turkey and also allot of salads and greens. All in all its been ok eating this type of food, it’s not until you start eating fresh unprocessed foods you start to see there is processed foods everywhere you look, and people are binging on them.

Observation. Negative comments when eating good food.

The comments are the weirdest, as soon as you start eating unprocessed foods people start to comment that you’re on some kind of health plan or diet. Why are you trying to loose weight? What’s with all the healthy food? Why are you eating healthy? Why are people asking me why am I eating healthy food? The answer is in the question, it’s because it’s healthy. I'm eating the food that makes me feel good, why do I need a reason for that. What’s with the salads for lunch, I have never asked anyone “What’s with the cans of coke and crisp sandwiches?” it seems to be un noticed if people are eating rubbish and as soon as a lunch box is pulled out with a bit of colour, then heads turn and questions are raised. “What are you doing? Why are you eating like that?” like I said I never question people who are eating what they have chose to eat. I don’t judge people on their food choices but seems that if you eat something a little fruity or colourful then you must have some kind of eating issue at the moment!. OK so rant over, but this is just an strange observation that I really didn’t expect to come across. And it baffles me and makes me feel sad that this is something that has to be experienced just eating normal food.

Paleo made me feel depressed.

For a few days I had a depression I could not shake , I felt like my mind was sore and tired it was a hopeless feeling that I could not shake , I felt tired irritable and lost in this world. It was noticeable too, some close friends commented that they thought I was a different person, they thought that it was like someone else in my body. I really felt it myself too, I've had some headaches and really anxious moments where I could have just broke down and cried. Not sure what or why, but reading other posts on the internet it seems a common thing when cutting the carbs to have a few days of despair. I had a few days where my personality was void; I have felt great and also bad mid week. Something that I've tried very hard to shake all week. Feeling good now but I've also noticed another thing

Paleo I've become more serious.

Before this week I was the wise guy, cracking allot of jokes talking allot and being silly at times. I've been focused and straight all week; I've been down the line with people and haven’t really been able to have the energy to be a little stupid. I've been focused and have just had a plain expression most of the time, whether this is due to an increased focus or the fact I haven’t had highs or lows with my sugars. Even though I've felt a bit depressed when I have been up it’s just like a quiet contemplation most of the time, I haven’t raised been silly or been loose just been focused and on point for most things I've been doing and saying. It’s been hard to make small talk about trivial matters, I've spoke what I believe or feel and other wise been silent. It’s been difficult to just shoot the breeze with small talk it has not concerned me at all. Although I understand the reasons why, it’s also something that I am missing often a little small talk just helps to fill in some space. Possibly as I'm cutting out the junk from my diet I'm also on some level cutting out the junk from my mind also.

Paleo has made me feel tired

I've slept great on the Paleo diet so far , I've been out like a log and slept deep, and I've been waking up earlier and feeling a bit more refreshed and focused in the mornings, it’s a good thing that I'm falling in too deep sleep. Although, I thought there would be more energy on this style of eating, my energy is good when it’s up but the most part it’s just a stable moderate energy with a pace that enjoys walking and sitting around. I got my ass kicked by some hills on Wednesday and I know my cardio needs to improve but I did some good work when I went for a hike. But other times I've yawned and felt sleepy. It might just be my body’s way of telling me my job is boring with not enough light air or movement. I'm sat at a desk for 8 hours in a box looking at a computer. Deep down I know that this needs to change. Long term I am suffering sat at that desk. I haven't been to bed later than 12am this week, and the days when I have woke up I've felt ok, still need to work on getting breakfast sorted.

Going in to week 2 thoughts on Paleo Diet

Prep more food, sort out my cupboards so that the food is easy to get to and stored well in my fridge.

Get some space, there is still allot of pasta and grains all over the place in my house, need to store those away.

Get more light and movement, I need to get breathing deep again using my power breathe and need to get my Nike free’s running again

Eat more veg and greens, I've survived this week on meat and fats, I need to improve my prep and meals with veg, I think these are what are needed to keep my brain from going in to the fog of despair.

Run, I've done 1 sprint day this week; I'm planning for 2 next week

Read more of my Primal Blueprint book that arrived on Tuesday.

Save my bacon fat and fats in a tin.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Primal Paleo eating experience day 2

Primal Paleo eating experience day 2

Yesterday was my first full day as a hunter gatherer, I walked for hours around my town looking for meat and vegetables, I had a sack on my back full of food and my catch, by catch I mean the food I snared by handing money over to the stall owner. It felt nice giving my money to individual vendors as opposed to just paying my money at a till at a massive supper market. My money felt like it was going to something local as opposed to an unknown entity or business corporation. Felt good to give to local stores and sellers. Walking around I noticed sugar was everywhere there was one person who was caring a sack of sweets a huge bundle of those tubes that contain flavoured sugar. My Back pack was full of meat.

I purchased Rabbit, I cooked and ate a rabbit for the first time yesterday also ate its kidneys and liver. Very interesting flavour and something felt simple about just cooking up some meat, can’t wait to get back outside and use the BBQ, chicken rabbit, I even saw game birds like pigeon , partridge and pheasant at this market. Lots of new meats to try and also feels a little more primal eating a variety of wild birds and animals to consume.

Over the next 30 days going to try allot of different foods eggs and meats. Also eat local and in season foods from my local markets.

Got a trip out in to the hills planned for Wednesday getting the hiking boots on and going for a trail, today I also have Grok style training, going climbing.

As I walked home last night I realised that the primal instinct still runs true, there was groups of people drunk and some aggression my senses were heightened and the fight or flight type awareness was there. Shows that on many levels we are still displaying animal behaviours, I stood waiting at the lights and a girl in the group shot me 2 or 3 glances direct eye contact that lasted for a second longer to sense these primal urges and feelings still very powerful. Reasons to eat like a primal man as well and also battle the world with primal fitness.

Cakes and cookies and flour and sugar, they work they surely do but I want more than this little buzz.

So yesterday I got my hands bloody cutting up and preparing the rabbit, I also took a picture of the carb’s and bad foods I have in my house at the moment.

Tired and a headache

After my day out and eating the rabbit and vegetables, I was very sleepy I fell asleep and have felt a headache and fog on my mind ever since even now 14.30pm the next day I have still got a sting in my head, not sure if this is just due to the lack of sugar or the lack of carbs or just the strong protein that came from eating wild meat. I am just keeping going and then should be feeling better soon once the cravings have gone.

Now I'm off out for food, air, light and training parkour or grok.

[cincopa 10774744]

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Going Caveman Blueprint Paleo for 30 Days

Going Caveman Blueprint Paleo for 30 Days

Paleo diet eating like a caveman, I've ordered a book and from what I’ve seen and read. You eat your meat and you eat your fruits and veg. What you don’t eat is stuff that was not around millions of years ago. You don’t eat bread you don’t eat pasta, or potatoes. I've been eating allot of bread recently as I've been trying to bake it and work out how to make the perfect loaf of bread. I've also noticed that I'm not as vibrant and active as I have been in the past few months. Not sure if these are linked or might just be I'm drinking too much coffee now that there is a free vending machine at work. I have experimented with raw foods and found great success with those and also juicing and making smoothie’s I still stick to a mainly junk free and vegan diet , but this makes more sense to me. Cut out the stodgy the pasta and the sugar and caffeine and just live like the caveman the animal that man is. Being grain fed almost feels and looks like the grain that is given to cattle to keep them going on the cheap.

So browsing YouTube and Amazon I've seen some great ideas about going primal, or Paleo using the blueprint plan and just kicking ass in an old school way. I've always loved bbq’ing   some meat over a fire and I've loved my fruit and veg the pasta and breads and sugars and cakes, they work but not sure why. Think 30 days is a good round figure to aim for on this goal once again.

What this goal means to me so far, and I'm only 2 days in to my research of paleo

Eat fruit and veg, sprouted seeds lots of this stuff

Eat good meat, and eggs

Get back on the body weight conditioning and high intensity intervals

Get my Nike frees on and go running parkour training

I have cold showers anyways as you can read in my other posts

Get the sun in my face and the air in my lungs

Mite also do a bit of ug ug ug and some vocal exercises of what I believe are primal sounds, beat my chest and try and climb a tree.

Also supplement this with, asking questions to other primal practitioners, reading the books and thinking simple

Prep for this is thus far, reading blogs on paleo and primal lifestyle. Watching videos waiting for my book to turn up and also just doing it without thinking or putting much thought in to it, If it’s going to be a lifestyle then it’s got to be easy to do. No chips or stodgy foods cut the crap and cut the carbs.  Will even post some videos I have no way of weighing myself so may even have to purchase some scales. I've got a video camera so will vlog this too.

What are my goals for this experience

learn about my body and how it responds to no carbs and just eat my way through animals and vegetables and fruit. Eat like a caveman and eat raw and fresh produce, go to the butchers and eat meat. Learn to love eating liver and kidneys and the cheap cuts. Get running lifting climbing fighting and loving life. Get my blog visited and commented by others who are doing the same to keep me informed and motivated on this lifestyle. Get my barefeet on the grass and my body in the sun.  With the paleo method of eating cut out all the nonsense and cheap sources of fuel.

Some Starting pictures below on day 1 Paleo Primal Results Pictures day 1

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Friday, 3 September 2010

Paying to have time off work

Paying to have time off work, you know that work is wrong when it cost money not to do , free time cost me £258 for 5 additional days off work. To get away you have to pay , don't think that working 40 hours a week is enough. You want to see something other than a computer, I want to see your money. You want freedom you have to pay of it.  One day I will be financially secure to not have to work all the time, work any place any time and live off my own results. I want my freedom, I want my own time table I want to see. Even if it cost's me money, I will pay money to have more free time. Just a bitch for the boss's dollar at the moment , every day working on a way to break out of the rat race.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

FreeSole Barefoot review Nike

FreeSole Barefoot review Nike , after looking at buying the Vibram five fingers for a long time I decided due to the fact they are so hard to get hold of in the UK, I would go for a pair of Nike Free instead, the Nike Free sole is a flexible sole , the sole is not as thin as the Vibram nor does it have the toe pockets for each toe, but what it does do is double as a shoe that can be worn almost any place walking bareoot. The Nike Free TR is a good enough looking cross trainer that is goes with most jeans and trousers , and is a good start for free running and a closer barefoot experience for walking barefoot, I know that these have strengthened my toes and feet the first few weeks these trainers were painful. My toes and feet ached.  I will have some Vibram's the feeling is that they are coming at some point in my life. I am very happy with my Nike Free Barefoot trainers at the moment, i mite even buy a second pair of the same shoe just in case they change the design or discontinue. Working on my parkour and freerunning in these barefoot style shoe could even have the feeling of. Im not sure how strong they would be I went on a skatebouard in the Nike Free's and I didnt want to wear them out by doing ollies. I have used these trainers for jogging and jumping and found that due to the increased flexibility i am allot more agile on my toes. I can quickly sprint and change direction with these shoes.

The design is very good, I can wear these most places and i know that if i need to run they are suitable to quickly breaking in to a sprint. Videos explaining barefoot basics

Check out this hot sexy Barefoot runner, How said barfoot running was for the odd this is just what barefoot running needs a hot barefoot babe, More barefoot running girls are needed especialy those that shoot videos.

Enjoy. How to Start Barefoot running. Barefoot girl how to start running barefoot advise and barefoot basics for health for the ladies especially.

Barefoot Running when the ground is hot.