Sunday, 19 December 2010

3 P's Paleo, Primal, Parkour

Think it should be called the 3 P's Paleo food, Primal thought and Parkour movement. Just an idea of how these 3 areas could include better health.

Paleo foods, keeping things natural and original . meat vegtables and fruits and water. Keeping foods simple and fresh and of high quality

Primal thought, this is keeping life simple being happy with what one has got, not wasting money on junk getting out of the consumer mentality, being frivolous and resourceful. Keeping in mind the bigger picture and nature. Getting out and about, meeting new people. Having fun and also getting good quality rest. Understanding what the dangers are in life.

Parkour, this is a movement art that defines the world as your play ground, using what is around you to train. Climbing , pulling jumping running ducking and weaving through the obstacles of the urban jungle. Parkour is not about treadmills and weight machines, but about using your own judgement to jump gaps climb objects and find new paths using your body as a tool.

Pork Crackling cooking meat > pork

As I messed up the first batch of pork crackling , this time I'm watching lots of Pork Crackling instructional video's. Cooking Videos for pork and cooking it so i get crispy crackling.