Thursday, 20 January 2011

Practice eye contact in the mirror every day.

There was a way to improve your eye contact by practicing it in a mirror, spend 30 mins each day looking at your self in the mirror eye to eye, or look in one eye for a few mins then the other. Practice moving eye brows up and down and different smiles. Practice an angry face, happy face and different expressions in front of the mirror.

Ive been spending some time becoming accustom to what people see in my face when i express different thoughts and im happy with what i see , so i dont feel any doubt when i look and talk face to face with other people.

Since ive been practicing getting lost in what i see in the mirror , ive also started to enjoy just watching peoples facial expressions as they talk , ive become a better listner by being able to just be mesmerised by their eye contact and facial expersions. Its funny being more face to face with people, they are also picking up on more subtle cues that i am sending out like when i have a little wry smile.

Think looking in the eyes of people ive started to notice who  is open and who talks but does not connect. Its easier to tell if you are wasting your time.

When you are hitting direct eye contact more often than not this is more than enough conversation, no words are needed.

A little glance , or a little raise of the eye brows is all that is needed and communicates allot more than thinking of words to say. I sat and looked in my friends eyes for around 10 seconds the other morning and in that 10 seconds what felt like hours of communication took place. We were both on board and ready to work , and i could tell by the strong connection with the eye contact that i had a trusted ally for the days business.  I could tell where they were at , what energy level they had and when they were ready to take on the customers. No words needed, a little eye contact . I see who is trying hard and who is messing around.

I enjoy people watching , i could do it for hours. Its more intresting watching where people are focusing their eyes than any other feature. People are looking at the TV or glancing over your shoulder to see the ass of the hot office girl who just walked past . I follow the gaze and its funny to see where people focus there attention . So practice the eye contact in the mirror.

I love to watch two people deep in conversation  face to face/eye to eye. That bond and link between the two you can see the respect and trust, they are focused . The thing about practicing the eye contact consiously you start to feel the areas where you find it hard to make eye contact.

With certain people, or areas of the room to look in that direction or make eye contact with that particualr person its like there is an area in your vison that repells like when you try and push two magnets together. You can look all around the area easily but to look direct , there is a force that pushes you away. When you start to get good at making eye contact and looking all around your line of sight you will be able to feel where your problem areas are . Im still learning to try and face those trouble spots or awkward eyes areas.  Like i said before some breif moments conect and communicate a whole download of emotions in a split second. For some people a single look in the eye goes straight through the fluff and nonsense and in to the heart of the issue. A look in the eye of someone , you get that "Yep you know" feeling almost instantly.

Eye contact is very powerful , it is the ultimate communication tool. As there are no words , a quick look in my eyes in the mirror is sometimes all it takes to solve a problem as the answer is right there, i don't need words to communicate it i can see what i am trying to mean. A trusting look or a look that says , yes mate your still standing keep going is all it can take.

So get a mirror and look yourself in the eyes, smile to yourself or try and stare yourself down.

monkey tongue eye

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oh £50 Come on

New Start to the year, blogging and ideas.

OK so once again i feel like im starting from afresh, semms just as i get to a place i want to be i look up and my goals are further away. All i can say is im not happy the fact i have to give up so much of my time for work, i wish i could just work for 10 hours a week and that would be enough, 5 days a week , 8 hours a day and all the adtional time thinking about and preparing for work, it seems like the whole thing is just about the work. Too much time is work related, and its work that i neither care about or really want to do , it makes me money. That is it, i do it because it makes money. and not a huge amount either, i do it because it is regular and if i work x ammount of time i will recive y amount of money. Its stable and repetitive and it makes money and will continue to make me money everytime i go and do it. But at the same time i loose a little bit of myself each time i go, every time i clock in i sit down and the life drains out of my body, i want the money, i need it to come to me on a monthly baisis but how i get it, i am wasting my life. Putting a figure on my youth that is leaving and putting that figure on my time that is going away.  Being morbid or depressing, its just pissing me off the ammount of time i have to spend getting this little bit of money sorted.

There is a few things i want to do, i just want to have more experiences, that make me forget about work , when i get in i can really drop the work for a few hours and just start the day afresh with new sense each day.

If i could earn the £50 per day doing somthing else then life would be sweet. All i have to look at it , how do i make £50 each day, the quickest way to do it. Amazon affiliate has made me £10 in the 6 months ive been with them, for £50 I would need to sell £1000 per day , this is too much , and not consistent and i dont think i could pull in this figure on a daily basis, i would need to sell allot of high price items, so that is one way of making a little bit extra on the side same thing with adsense i have not made much through them just about £5 in all the time, think im just going to start looking down the avenue of clickbanks and hotfile, these are good programs and i think they do have some merrit, ok so start using clickbank just try and sell more of those products off there, there is allot more ideas i can start using the blog t start getting more and more ideas out there, ok, so the numbers game. The problem with the amazon thing is it makes you split your efforts i would like to be able to have UK and USA products combined under one account but if i have 2 then it will take longer for anything to pay out.

So just got to see more of the ideas that there is there, on the net i cant work all the time. Its spinning round and round all the time , just could be more sucsessful.

Also , need to start getting out of this house a little more, can start to travel to some places which are further away and a little different directions just to work this out a little bit more, find out what about facebook and some youtube videos, churn them out mate, like the numbers game which it is.

Foo fighters great, cam on , just when i look at the time , im thinking ah shit 11 hours from now im going to be bent over and butt fucked by my employer .

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Zeds Dead - White Satin

This is my tune of the day

And I love , yes I love, oh how I love you !! This is a nice tune.