Sunday, 27 March 2011

Stuck for Blog ideas


Help I am stuck for blog ideas, I love writing and love writing for my blog but some days I just have no ideas for blog content. I get ready to write for my blog but nothing happens. I know what I want my blog to be like but i just get stuck for new ideas or ways of writing about a subject.

Now that I am stuck for blog ideas and topics I am breaking the writers block by writing about how I stuck for blog ideas. In a hope that while I am writing about how I am stuck with ideas. In writing about being stuck I can become unstuck and come up with some more blog ideas for my blog.

This all makes sense if you get stuck with nothing to write on your blog but want your readers to have somthing new to look at. So even if I dont have any ideas for blog content , I am going to write content none the less.

Think to come up with new blog ideas, and become unstuck for somthing new to say on my blog, I am going to inlist help or ideas from other posts in my blog. I have written on this blog before with ease and I will find a way to do it again.

Writing about trials, think the best content comes from when you do somthing different for a period of time. Good blog content comes from fresh insight and ideas. I have written about waking up early for 30 days , I have writen about being on a paleo diet which i did for 3 months.

Going to go back on to the paleo diet, I do not know why I stopped christmas and the holidays are the worst for distractions from your goals. Since the holidays I have been stuck for ideas on what to write and blog about and since the holidays I have been off the paleo , off the exersise and not doing so great with my goals.

Back to writing my blog, see writing about being lost with ideas for blog content ,I have now broke this block of fresh ideas,  think the best way to uncover the writers block is to just write, after a while you will be suprised with some good ideas.

I still think the 80/20 rule applies to writing a blog and what the readers will take from it, 80 % of what is written is just ideas and filler only 20% of what is written will be taken away by the reader. I have often read through pages and pages of material just to find that one idea that sticks and resonates. Same with blogging and ideas for blog titles and content you can write a 100's of posts but to the individual reader they will only go away with 20% at most of your content or ideas.

So being stuck for ideas and what to write just write a whole load of ideas and what feels like the right thing at the time just get the content on the site, it can always be edited or deleted.  A quote I once herd was if its worth doing its worth doing poorly. Basically its better to do something and it be a poor attempt than to not do it at all. there is lessons in there.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

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