Monday, 25 April 2011

How to meet someone with my last name

"well spoke on the phone"

How I did it: i work in a call center so its a numbers game really it was ment to happen at some point after 2 years and possibly 20,000 calls i got someone with my sir name, we had a brief chat about where our family are from , and it was quite nice,

It took me 2 years.

It made me its nice

How to successfully seduce someone

"now i have a girlfriend"

How I did it: Made sure to meet this person regularly, which built up my confidence and trust. 

we flirted 
swapped numbers 
txted and chatted on msn
we met up 
went together to a party, first kiss...... 

It took me 90 days.

It made me feel sweet

How to make 2010 my best year yet

"Save money, meet people , eat good and get outside"

How I did it: Save money, meet people , eat good and get outside

just spent more time focused on the areas of my life that i enjoy, ate food that made me happy and went to social events that made me meet more like minded people.

saved my money so had no financial worries

It took me 90 days.

It made me A new me