Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quick boost after my holiday

The last 3 days away , needed to go shopping today to get something fresh. Eating a good old English meal of fish chips and mushy peas

back to the fruit and vegetables 

Jess Mills End Credits

Original by Chase & Status Feat Plan B Jess Mills Doing Chase and Status end credits , just sounds perfect. 

Home Made Sandbag , Sandbag training

I am now sandbag training for strength and fitness at home , I made my own home-made sandbag cheaply using an army tank tool bag this home made sandbag cost me £12 or around $17 , I already had the pea gravel which if I had purchased separately would have cost an additional $5 or £3. I purchased the army bag from Amazon and i got the thick bags from a local store. I went for the army style bag as it is made with a thick canvas material , has straps and handles made which go all the way round the bag. This bag has a strong zip and very sturdy design, i managed to fit a bag and half of stones inside this bag, you can use sand as well but i didn't have any of this, sand is cheaper but you must make sure that you double bag it and use allot of duck tape , this bag has very thick material so not much will escape. I looked on for this bag and couldn't find if you are in the UK here is the product i purchased.

I will include some links near the bottom look out for army surplus the thick duffel bag types also look very effective to make a home made sandbag for weight training , but I went with this because I like the size and shape and filled with stones this weighs around 50lb or approx 25ikg I haven't weighed it but the stones are 25 kg bags and I used just over 1 bag. 

Very simple to make this at home, you just fill the thick heavy duty refuse bags with stones or sand, smaller stones the better, seal the bags and pack in as much as you can in to the main bag , then zip this up and you have your own sandbag for weight training. I have used this using the handles or just gripping on to the bag. Here is a few pictures below of how to make your own bag. Look on Amazon there is some that are more professional sandbags.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jack Lalanne - Unhappy people > BE HAPPY !!

Big fan of Jack shame he past away this year, enjoy the video. There is allot of messages on here that still apply today. Be Happy

Plants starting to bloom

As well as growing fruit and vegetables outside, I've got a few pots with random seeds, I planted these a while ago not knowing what was going to grow, and these little guys have started to pop up.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I am a gorrila

Went for a little trip to see some monkeys at Twycross zoo had a great time watching the monkeys, they really know how to move there was back-flips and all sorts , love those little guys.