Monday, 29 August 2011

Shower and wash without soaps and shampoo

Having read a few articles the last couple of days about not using soaps and shampoos i have decided to go a little while possibly 30 days with out using all these soaps and lotions. 
Still washing daily in showers and baths just not smothering myself with all this product. 
Going 30 days without the use of these shampoos and soaps, see if there are any positive or negative results
I Still spray some aftershave on my shirts so they they smell nice, but nothing directly on my skin apart from water. 
Reading the backs of these bottles i have no idea what some of these chemicals are that im using, some of these products have up to 20 different chemicals. 
Washing without the use of soaps and chemicals, and washing using only warm water. I have also started shaving using only cold water and so far the results have been very good, no irritation on my skin and a nice fresh feeling  not burnt at all. 
Looking at all these bottles seems like such a waste of money there must be £40 $60 worth of soaps and balms and body washes here. and not to mention the space on my shelf that all this takes up. 
I even feel a little ashamed to throw these away , just going to store these out of sight, cant imagine the combined effect using all these would have on my skin, allot of them claim to be moisturising. 
Do i really need all of this stuff, or can i manage without all the soap, and perfumes.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cold Water Shaving

Only using cold water to shave and not using any shaving creams or gels, I have been reading around not using soaps or shampoo in the shower and thought along the same line how am i going to shave without shaving foam, and from that i stumbled across some results on Google that even suggested not using hot water to shave, and in fact shaving with just cold water.

Thought i may as well give it a try as i had about 3 days worth of growth on my face. results the shave feels just as close as normal and i don't have that burnt feeling like i get after using the foam , i guess this is due to there being no chemicals used to shave.

The shave is very close using just cold water, the hairs on my face were very brittle and i found that i wasn't able to do the long strokes i usually do to cut through the hair , it took allot longer to shave and i have to do several passes over the same area, but the result is nice and close and smooth. I would even go as far as saying some areas feel smoother with the cold water shave than using hot water.

I also found there was the benefit from using a cold shave that there was no clean up required. There was no shaving foam on my face or around the sink to clear up , my skin felt fresh and clean while i was shaving with the cold water.

No more need to have a cream or foam, saves time and effort. Less preparation and clean up. The shave felt a little uncomfortable at first, i will see with further attempts how using cold water to shave effects the skin on my face.

The hair felt brittle and easer to locate the stubble right close to my skin, I had just the same amount of cuts on my neck , I always get some nicks on my neck but this is due to uneven surface. I think the cold water kept my skin tight, so didn't bleed as much.

I don't feel like i have any burn or need to use aftershave cooling balms, my skin feels fresh and clean after the cold water shave.

I will update this after a month of shaving using only cold water and no shaving gels or lotion.

Home Made Sprouter video, how to make using a jar lid

Making allot more soaked nuts and seeds at the moment due to the increased health benifit from consuming them soaked over dry. Here is a video i made of attempting to make a sprouting jar for seeds and sprouts . Not bad for a first attempt i will be looking at other ways to make these in the future. The lid was not perfect although i have already made a sucsesfull batch of alfalfa seeds from this in the days since making this video. Some ideas from amazon below .

Sunday, 21 August 2011