Sunday, 14 October 2012

7 Days without my Xbox 360 a week without video games

7 Days without my Xbox 360 a week without video games 

Well it’s been a week since my original post about giving up my Xbox 360 for 30 days.
And for you awesome souls here is my 1 week update after not playing my Xbox for 1 week, note I didn’t say video games.

The first day was simply spent putting the Xbox away and declaring to my gaming friends I was going to spend some time away from the Video gaming lifestyle.  So started pretty easy, but then I noticed I was spending up to an hour a day playing games on my smart phone, so I quit my Xbox 360 gaming but only to shift more of my time on to my smart phone playing the flash games on there.

Smart phone game addiction, the problem with these games is your always trying to aim for the next perk or the next achievement. I was playing a temple runner game long in to the night my hands aching and my eyes tired and sore. I was playing the game over and over trying to beat my previous score.

Here is a tip check how long you have spent on the game and think was it worth it? Am I enjoying this?  I had only just installed this game a few days previous and I had already clocked up over 6 and a half hours playing, even my thumb nail seemed painful for the constant pressing of the screen. I looked at how much I have achieved on this game and how close I was to the next award.
I paused for a long time over the delete application button. Panic I wanted to stop this game , it was playing on my mind, I was thinking about the game, why delete it I could have it just in case I get bored sometime , I can come back to it in one month Blah blah..... delete.
Just stopped those thoughts right there , what was I thinking I don’t need this game that much , my life was just as good 1 week previous before I installed the game on my phone so I got rid.

7 days without Xbox 360 and approx. 4 days without games on my smart phone.

So what have I done thus far, I was very bored and I have slept allot and felt a bit depressed. I have started to think more about my life while I stare at the wall instead of the TV; Think a problem with gaming its all time spent with the screen addiction. More and more time spent looking at the screens around the home, my eyes are getting used to just being focused at a set point in my vision.
Went for a walk for a few times in the last week, jut to adjust to looking at objects from different distances, starting to feel better.

Are video games relaxing? , I think about the times I was playing video games were they really relaxing me or just stressing me out more. Trying to run around on COD and BF3 trying to not get shot and trying to kill the other person before they killed me, I was wired and buzzing , tweaking like  crack head . Rushed of adrenalin trying to be as accurate and shoot as quickly as possible, duck and reload run jump quickly stabbing the other guy. Yeah that’s really relaxing as I sit here.  Thinking of the times I was playing the games a week ago I was more stressed from them, I didn’t come away after an hour of playing a game as feeling relaxed.

While playing games I would think about my life, but now I can just sit on my blog or with a pen and paper in peace and think about the same things.

Cutting down on Facebook time

Cutting down on Facebook time 
How to decrease time spent viewing Facebook

I think I have the compulsion to check Facebook every 20 minutes, I put up a post on the wall then check over and over to see if there is any comments or likes, I check almost once an hour to see if I’ve missed anything, I check the online part to see who I can chat with over and over all day long.
When I am not at my computer I check it on my phone, I wake up first thing in the morning and check Facebook to see if anything has been posted overnight, or I check the Facebook and see if I missed anything or any comments on previous posts that I found amusing. Why do I check this so much? I would say off all the time I spend looking at Facebook I could condense the whole lot in to 1 look at the end of the day or 1 look at the start of the day, the continuousness update and news feed to other peoples life I don’t really need to check it that much

So I’m not quitting Facebook but I am going to change my habit on that site. Instead of constantly needing to be kept up to date with what people are posting , I am only going to check in once per day. I’ve posted on there and looked already about 5 times so far today, the time I am going to choose for checking Facebook Daily will be 9pm that way I would have the majority of the day’s news feed to check all in 1 go, and if there is anyone online I want to speak too they are most likely at home.

I like Facebook I think it a good tool, but it’s just annoying me how I look at it so often and most times its pretty much the same posts I just looked at 15 minutes ago, so if I just check it once a day I can see the whole action from the day and clump all the time I would have spent in to one chunk of time.

Part of the addiction to Facebook is the constant quick spikes of gratification  need to delay these to just once a day, then mite even try checking Facebook just once a week , but think with the speed in which ideas and communication and public opinion changes think just once a week looking on this site, may miss something of use.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

30 Reasons to give up computer games

Reasons for me to give up the games for a while,
Help me stop looking at screens
Have some games in real life
Why I am even bothered about the achievements on this game
Real life action
Save time
Save energy
Unhook myself from the drug of the game
Back to the reality and not the game
Less computer game dreams, dreaming about being on raid
Get some sunlight
Save some space in my place
Grow up
Or not!!!!! woo
Stop being pissed off when I get killed
Stop killing stuff, I have done far too many head shots, and used shotguns and run people over
Do something else
Blog more, read more write, think more.
Get off my bum bum
Learn something
Im not an assassin, im not a warlock, I am not a rally driver,  I don’t know how to use a plasma rifle
I don’t live in a post apocalyptic , zombie filled  wasteland.
I have no use for gems or gamer points
I have a skin for my avatar
I don’t need a 12 year old in the Usa to sing to me on Xbox live and call me a bum hat, then eat his dinner and burp
Il do my daily quests IRL 

1 Month without video games

A month without video games

So after many years of playing games, playing Warcraft on PC and battlefield and many other games, also still having a back log of games to play through, being 28 now , I've decided when is it time to stop playing video games.

I can think of a few times when i have been sat alone in my room playing games unhappy, when there was other opportunity's to have.

 I stayed in and played the video games, i spent some days of my holidays playing borderlands all day long, I've since sold that game so all that time to level up and beat the game and now i dont even have that game. What have i really achieved. So after another weekend of playing around while other life goals go unchecked, I've put the Xbox and games away.

Having a month away from the video games, its a start see how i feel after that and if anything else productive takes the space, for all i know a month without computer games mite be an even worse use of my time.

I work on a computer 8 hours a day then i come home and play computer games for a few hours, also the people i seem to socialise with are other gamers , conversations seem to revolve mainly around games and consoles. Perhaps having a different use of my time may bring in to my life different people.

Why 1 month without computer games, well lets see what would happen if i quit games for this time.
I'm almost through the first day and as its a Sunday and my friends have been busy today its been a little boring, could have played some games to fill a bit of this time.

I guess its time to endure the free time and find something else to do, creativity the last year or so has gone as I've taken the easy option.

30 reasons to give up computer video games