Saturday, 24 November 2012

Clearing out the clutter

Today has been another session of clearing out the clutter,
I have spent a few hours today going under the beds in the back of the cupboards, through boxes and book cases.
And I have a few bins full of stuff that’s either broken or useless
I have repositioned some items from the rooms in to the basement out the way,
I have a mound of items to just be given to charity and I have a list of items being sold on eBay.

Why do we keep all these items lying around with no use in our homes and personal spaces? Some of junk I’m selling and giving to charity is always getting in the way or taking up space in my cupboards, but it’s all been there for months and years.

It feels good to just have a de-clutter, makes you appreciate the things you keep, why hold on to an item with no use when it can be given to someone who may benefit from it.

Old clothing that isn’t worn or doesn’t fit, books that I have read, books on topics which I could easily find the information online. DVD’s and music that can just be stored on a hard drive.

All these objects taking up their own bit of space, if I want to move I have to move them all with me, so I don’t need them anymore.

Items loose value as time goes on , when I upgraded my digital camera , I should have sold my old one straight away now 4 years later the old camera which has been in my desk draw all this time is worth nothing on eBay.

Be quick at clearing clutter, when the item is in the bin it no longer has any control over you.
Some things can be sold , but for the amount of time and effort and small amount of money you receive in return , isn’t it better to just give it all away in one trip.

With kindles and pdf books, why keep all the paper copy’s.

So just put on some music and dig out your cupboards, so what you find. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Set alarm for same time every day

Instead of setting an alarm for different times, set your alarm clock for the same time every single day. Whether you are on a holiday or day off, if it’s the weekend or if you’re needed at work, pick a time that will be most suitable for all instances.

 My chosen time is 7am every day as with this time I have enough time to get to work, it’s not excessively early.  On days where I’m not needed at work till 11am I can still wake up, this time walk across the room and set the alarm for another hour if needed. Just gets in the habit of waking up at that time even if it isn’t needed.

Days off waking up at 7am I have more time in the day to do things and if I go to sleep around 11pm I still have a full 8 hours sleep.

The same time everyday setting the alarm is growing the habit and I know that I will be awake at that time so I cannot need to plan too far in advance as I have enough time when I get up at 7am.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Over a month without video games

Over a month without video games
This is my update after 39 days putting my Xbox away, what have I learnt so far, I think the main thing is the fact I’m not really concerned about games at the moment, not to say my life is more interesting or I have started a new hobbies, just in conversation about video games or adverts of new games that have come out. I am not really that interested, I am still not interested in getting my Xbox out just yet and I haven’t downloaded any games for my smart phone.

I am glad I deleted the aps of my phone with the games as they were simple and addictive, where you spend an hour or so trying to get to the next level and then want to get to the next level
The last month or so has been odd, I know I haven’t played computer games but I can’t think what I’ve done to replace them , perhaps it’s an extra 30 minutes watching  YouTube more, or another 30 mines here and there to fill the time.

Being the wintery months I even didn’t go to the gym much this month so there has been more time, I’ve checked my diary and think allot of the time over the last month was just pondering and thinking more aka staring at a wall or a blank Google search box thinking what to type.
I reduced my Facebook time right down as well, think with that and video games often instead of quitting completely when you start to notice it being used allot just have a few days of like a reset, then when you come back it’s at a reduced rate.

I’ve spent more money since not playing games, the problem with not sitting in your house is you’re out and about and the majority of the time the wallet is out. Not complaining just noticed the money you spend on games is lower than the amount you would spend on going out an extra 4 or 5 times a month.
I remember how I was getting edgy and angry at the computer games, that is the reason I still don’t want to play,  I don’t want the tension and stress in my shoulders and neck  while playing the computer and being killed.

Haven’t sold my computer or games, still like the fact if I want a game on the Xbox then I can, I’ve still got my online membership to Xbox live.
My social skills or other aspects of my life still remain the same, just one less thing to think about.