Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pepsi Pager

Phillips pager with pepsi cola logo on, is this a collectable
Phillips pepsi pager

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Make Sunday a stew day

Sunday stew day.

Every Sunday rather than making a big roast dinner , should be the day where you get a big pot, hot water stock and use up all the bits of vegetables and meat the left overs and odds and ends from the cupboards.

Use the Sunday stew for using up those few potatoes and bit of chicken and carrots that have been in the fridge for a few days.

The stew on a Sunday lasts all day and is a great way to clear out, before going shopping and buying fresh food for the week.

A stew is warming and hearty, and comprises all the parts of a Sunday lunch with very little effort, just chop the veg and trim the meat, add hot water and stock , season with salt and pepper and simmer for 1 hour.

Easy to make and healthy, the combinations of a good stew are always different 

Stimulate don't Annihilate

Getting tired of going to the gym working hard in there, only to come home and crash, and feel wrecked for the next day or so.
I want to get a workout in to move my body and use all my muscle groups, but I would also like to come away feeling motivated and invigorated. Pumped up with energy and ready to take on my day.
So I am using the Stimulate don't annihilate approach for the next month. Just going to the gym more frequently but going a little lighter on the weights. More reps but lighter weight. Still teasing and setting a task for my body but not leaving where I am going to pass out and need to sleep for 2 days for myself to be back to normal.
The type of body I want is not a body builder type but just all all rounded toned physic, I want to be healthy and happy and full of energy and motivation.
My previous approach to the gym was run on the treadmill as fast as can till I want to pass out. Add weight to each bar and work to failure with as many reps. and stay in the gym until I was worn out.
Although I have put on some good size all over and I have seen the weight being added to the bar, I am not enjoying this and also I am not feeling better for it outside the gym.
I am going to do less and just use the gym to stimulate my body in ways that will make me walk out the gym with a buzz all over, and boosted energy. Feeling refreshed rather wrecked.

Less is more Cardio lower intensity also, may even enjoy the gym more rather than walking around like I have been beaten up by the smith machine.

I have read a little about this method, by being intuitive feels like the right way to approach my time in the gym at the moment.

No pain no gain, this can lead to over training.