Saturday, 19 January 2013

100 pushups/situps/squats and some planking day 1 of 30

100 pushups/situps/squats and some planking  day 1 of 30

day 1
said i would update after 10 days and so on but could resist a quick post about first day on this method.

took along time to perform all the exercise as i was only able to do short periods in the plank position of around 60 seconds at a time , and with breaks in between took over an hour to get 7 minunits of plank in, as first day stopped at 7:30 just short of 10 min target, started to feel burning which i don't want to over do this as im going for 30 days.

Sit-ups i could easy perform 20 - 30 reps each time so over the course of the day managed these fairly easy.

Push-ups or press-ups  only went as far as 10 sets of 10, my push up technique needs work so over the day i managed to do these also fairly easy , mixed it up with a few slow sets and some explosive fast sets few dive bomber type movements and couple slow ones where i held the contraction at various angles

squats did sets of 10 and 20 so these were also done without issue over the space of the day.

First observation of this 100 push-ups /situps/ squats and 10 mins plank is that when my endurance improves over the month i will be able to get this done allot quicker.

some of the planking i was back on my knees after 40 seconds so it took multiple attempts for the time to add up to 7:30

wonder if its gona burn tomorrow  feel pretty pumped , and feels good to be doing some bodyweight movements again after year and half using the gym.

Friday, 18 January 2013

100 pushups , squats and situps and 10 mins of plank for 30 days

100 push-ups , squats and sit-ups and 10 mins of plank for 30 days

for the next 30 days

100 push-ups
100 bodyweight  squats
100 sit-ups
10 minuits of plank per day

not going to failure on any of the exercises, stopping set when form is compromised.
doing as many sets as it takes to reach daily rep target.

Grease the groove style also , random sets of 5 or 10 throughout the day.

30 days challenge to target whole body each day

plank will be done using stop watch until the 10 minute mark is exceeded

after 10 , 20 and 30 days evaluate

from there either continue with higher workload or modify ie diamond push-ups or pull-ups ect.
other alterations to lifestyle changed drinking more water eating more fruit and vegtables. before and after pictures to follow

next update on the 28 January 2013

Sunday, 6 January 2013

red wine health benefits

 Red wine. Red wine is one of the most potent sources of the antioxidant knownred wine Ten Sexual Super Foods That Can Boost Your Erection asresveratrol. According to researchers from Northwestern University, this powerful antioxidant actually increases estrogen production, leading to a heightened sexual appetite. That means she may just want to skip right to you for dessert. Be careful: Too much wine, too fast, can lead to drowsiness, and the dreaded, “Not tonight, I’m too tired,” line.

Red wine increases women's sexual desire

Researchers concluded that levels of sexual desire were higher in women who were moderate drinkers of red wine 
laim that chemical compounds found in red wine may boost sexual functioning by increasing blood flow to key areas 

The results indicate a possible relationship between regular red wine consumption and sexual appetite

Alcohol is a depressant in that it serves to depress the central nervous system. The first effects of alcohol is to slow brain function related to judgment and inhibition (Comer, 2005), which brings on the aforementioned increased social behavior, and lack of inhibitions, making individuals more likely to act in ways they may not act otherwise. It also tends to bring on a relaxed, satisfied feeling, which many people enjoy right after work as a means of letting go of the troubles of the day. Following this, those having up to 0.09 blood alcohol level (BAC) tend to exhibit trouble with fine motor skills, but nothing too serious (Freudenrich, 2011).

Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol, but those who do are probably smart to choose red wine. Every year, the research on the health benefits of red wine piles up. Wine has always been a staple in the human diet. In fact, scientists have documented red wine as far back as 5400 B.C.
Here are ten reasons to drink red wine (in moderation of course!)
New research shows that red wine, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, and Merlot, contains melatonin. Melatonin regulates the body clock, so drinking a glass of red wine before bed may help you sleep. Melatonin is also an anti-oxidant, which means it also has anti-aging and cancer preventative properties.
A compound in red wine called resveratrol has been shown to increase lifespan in animal studies.
Brain Health
Resveratrol has been shown to protect against Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
Heart Health
Red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease thanks to the resveratrol and other anti-oxidants it contains.
Lung Cancer
Researchers from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain found that each glass of red wine per day reduced the risk of lung cancer by 13%.
Prostate Cancer Four or more glasses of red wine per week has been shown to reduce men's overall risk of prostate cancer by 50% and the risk of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer by 60%.
Breast Cancer
Moderate consumption of red wine is believed to lower the risk of breast cancer. However, drinking more than 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per day appears to increase the risk of breast cancer in women, so moderation is key.
Researchers in Spain found that people who drank more than two glasses of red wine per day have 44% fewer colds than people who abstained.
Resveratrol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps overall physical health since many diseases and ailments can be attributed to inflammation.
Resveratrol has been found in studies to lower LDL cholesterol, while another ingredient in red wine, saponins, also have cholesterol lowering properties.

he resveratrol mice were also found to have energy-charged muscles and a lower heart rate, much like trained athletes.
"Resveratrol makes you look like a trained athlete without the training," Auwerx said.

Learn more:

For the study, scientists mimicked the inactivity astronauts experience by hanging rats by their back legs. Half the rats received a daily dose of resveratrol, and half did not. What happened? The rats not given resveratrol experienced reduced muscle mass and strength and bone density, and developed insulin resistance - which is considered a prelude to diabetes. The ones that took resveratol didn't experience any of these negative health effects.

Anti-stress: wine does have a calming influence (surprise, surprise). The fact that a dinner is accompanied by a drink which helps the body relax and unwind can help the mental transition between work and relaxation. Also, people fighting other illnesses can combat them better when calm and focused.

Men: No more than two drinks per day.

 The results from this study suggested that patients who drank wine had half the risk of dying from coronary heart disease or stroke as those who never drank wine.